Watercolor stopmotion of Blade Runner

Anders Ramsell’s video of Blade Runner: The Aquarelle Edition  is a masterpiece of animated watercolor paintings. He painted the aquarelle paintings from March 2011 to January 2012, which, once edited, transformed into twelve minutes of Blade Runner. This is just the teaser trailer. The final product of all 117 minutes of the film will be quite a feat. Continue reading Watercolor stopmotion of Blade Runner

Kingdom Hearts Nostalgia Bomb Incoming

One of few things E3 has delighted me with this year a trailer release of the upcoming 3DS Kingdom Hearts game. The series looks like it’s finally coming to a head with this next title, but the real finale is still yet to come with many people waiting for what they hope will be a PS3 release in a few years. But for now, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance will have to sate our appetites. With both recurring and many new faces seen in the trailer, I think this next installment will have a lot of surprises for us … Continue reading Kingdom Hearts Nostalgia Bomb Incoming

RetR at the Eastern Shore Fan Con this Saturday!

We’re going to be at the Eastern Shore Fan Con this Saturday, starting at 10 a.m. We’re into art, comics and games so if you are too (and you should be if you read this wonderful web mag), come visit our table and get a free Rhyme et Reason poster! As well as other swag. See below for the press release which details more of the fun that I don’t want to have to badly reword.


The address of the place is: 30665 Student Service Center Lane, Princess Anne, Maryland 21853

See you there!

Continue reading “RetR at the Eastern Shore Fan Con this Saturday!”

Lana Del Rey on ‘American Idol’

Lana, “it’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you.” Every little thing that I do, like watching American Idol.   Let me begin by saying I haven’t watched American Idol since Ruben Studdard/Clay Aiken. Thank god. W-h-a-t–a–m-e-s-s-! But I tuned in to support Ms. Del Rey.   Thankfully I was only subjected to approximately 3 minutes of this “show” (used very loosely) before her performance of “Video Games.” And what a performance!   Simple. Sweet. Sad.   No frills, just loose curls.   http://video.vulture.com/video/Lana-Del-Rey-Performed-Video-Ga/player?layout=compact&read_more=1   Continue reading Lana Del Rey on ‘American Idol’