“Painter of Light,” Thomas Kinkade dies at 54

American Artist Thomas Kinkade passed away Friday evening. An autopsy will soon reveal the cause of death. Kinkade was nicknamed the “Painter of Light,” for his bright paintings, many of which are Disney themed. Most will say he’s no Picasso, but he has created a name for himself in the art industry. Over 1 million Americans own a Kinkade painting. The employees at his gallery in California probably won’t get a lunch break today. Phones are off the hook and customers are standing in line to grab one of his original paintings, some starting at around $150,000. Whether you consider … Continue reading “Painter of Light,” Thomas Kinkade dies at 54

Herman Cain’s “stimulus package” (oh baby, oh baby)

Image by Getty Images via @daylife Republican Herman Cain has been splashed all over the media these last few weeks because of alleged sexual harassment, which we all know to be true. Not that there is particularly any one piece of hard evidence but lawyer Gloria Allred’s client Sharon Bialek says that he put his hand underneath her skirt. He says he doesn’t remember her face or name. Maybe he remembers some other part of her anatomy? Newt Gingrich spoke out on Monday on the Today Show about the controversy, while plugging his book (of course), and said that this is … Continue reading Herman Cain’s “stimulus package” (oh baby, oh baby)