Quick Review: Hope Springs

Hope Springs (which comes out tomorrow, 8/8) starts out with Meryl Streep’s character in very obvious pain. She wants her life and marriage to get better but it’s an uphill battle, especially with a man so set in his ways. There are many laughs and awkwardly hilarious moments in this (for the most part) lighthearted comedy. It was written by Vanessa Taylor who has written for Everwood  and Game of Thrones, both great shows. It did occur to me that maybe this movie would only really work in America because most of the world isn’t so prudish about the topic of … Continue reading Quick Review: Hope Springs

ReR Recommends: A different kind of Fourth of July playlist

Life in America is as sweet as apple pie. But then you get a traffic ticket in the mail. Or a government policy steps on your toes. The bellowy “Proud to Be An American” anthem is fine and dandy, but that’s not always reality. When you want to express discontent, this is the playlist for you. Discontent transcends sub-genres of punk. These 11 tracks span 25 minutes: ‘Merican – Descendents American – T.S.O.L (True Sounds Of Liberty) 4th of July – U.S. Bombs Baby, I’m An Anarchist! – Against Me! Stars And Stripes – Circle Jerks America – Sick Of It … Continue reading ReR Recommends: A different kind of Fourth of July playlist

Opinion: A Monumental Waste

The following is from an anonymous contributor. Comment with your own opinions.   The headline reads, “Obama Campaign, Democrats Raise $60 Million in May.”  To quote PBS Newshour, “Republican National Committee announced later Thursday morning they raised more than $76.8 million in May. The release said the campaign and RNC have $107 million in the bank.” And people are without jobs, or underemployed, uninsured, essential services are being downsized, but – what the heck – let’s feed the monstrous political machine instead. Nowadays the political campaigning starts two years before the election. We have, in effect, only two parties, we are so entrenched … Continue reading Opinion: A Monumental Waste