The Killers’ “Battle Born” Out Now!

  I went to Target earlier this evening and decided to pick up The Killers‘ Battle Born despite the decidedly lackluster leading single “Runaways.” The cashier, probably horrified that I was buying a CD, told me she wished they’d stopped making music after “Human.” I laughed. And then I got really angry. I fucking love “Human.” And I love The goddamn Killers.   Sure Brandon Flowers et al haven’t thought of a lyric about the devil, death, or damnation, that they didn’t later record. Sure their songs sound the same–and a lot like U2 or Bruce Springsteen. And your point? … Continue reading The Killers’ “Battle Born” Out Now!

ReR Recommends – Covers for a Friday

I don’t find too many covers that are as good as the original, but some are certainly commendable.  I enjoy listening to a unique spin on a song. Even the voice of the artist or an acoustic version can change a song completely. Take some time out of your work day to listen to a few of my favorite covers. It’ll be 5:00 in no time. 1)  “All Along The Watchtower” – Jimi Hendrix Originally written by Bob Dylan, Jimi’s version took the song to a whole  different level. In 1968, the song was ranked as 47th in Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs of … Continue reading ReR Recommends – Covers for a Friday

Drooping petals for Brandon Flowers?

This is kind of a rerun but because the album is fast approaching, we should cover this again. He, the infamous “he”, released Crossfire and Swallow It but will Flamingo live up to the expectations that we, the consumers, have? Triple j, the Australian radio show that I mentioned in a previous blog, had an interview with Brandon Flowers a couple years ago. He talks about sunsets and journalists Continue reading Drooping petals for Brandon Flowers?