Pat Sajack is a total dick

Pat Sajack is host of America’s favorite game show, and he’s kind of an asshole. I’m not talking about how he admitted to hosting Wheel of Fortune while he was drunk. It’s his sober behavior that bothers me, a glaring minority of a viewer as a 22-year-old who tunes in nearly every night. Here’s why: He doesn’t believe in you Revel in your lucky moment of landing on the elusive $1,000,000 slot on the wheel for half a second because that’s how long you have until Pat reminds you that there’s “a long road ahead” to actually win it. Here’s … Continue reading Pat Sajack is a total dick

ABC’s Scandal Begins

Meet Olivia Pope, a crisis management and PR specialist devoted to salvaging, rebuilding, and protecting reputations of the elite on this new ABC show. Pope, played by Kerry Washington, is a “fixer” and she’s damn good at it. She previously worked with the President until recently leaving the White House to start her own crisis management firm. She bails people out when they need her services the most. She doesn’t judge; that’s not her job. How can she when she has secrets to protect of her own? She may be good at protecting the image of others, but I’m not … Continue reading ABC’s Scandal Begins

Three Sunday TV shows you’re probably not watching, but should.

Here at Rhyme et Reason, we like our TV shows: Mad Men, Downton Abbey, Dance Moms, Ringer, and Real Housewives come to mind. So, I’m going to add a few more shows to the list that I’ve recently started obsessing over and I think are worthy of watching on Sundays. (Feel free to disagree, dear reader, and comment below!) Get your remotes ready!   Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC  (a.k.a. #Nerdland) Melissa Harris-Perry is breaking all sorts of barriers on cable TV where mostly white male pundits, journalists and politicians dominate weekend political talk shows, and I love every minute of … Continue reading Three Sunday TV shows you’re probably not watching, but should.

Desperate Housewives’ death toll ticks

Death is knocking at the doors of Wisteria Lane in Desperate Housewives‘ eighth and final season. Like the preceding seven seasons, death is a constant theme. In case you forget that neighbors drop like flies, the show Mary Alice Young, a neighbor who committed suicide before season one, reminds you as she narrates the show. Here’s a look at how many characters die each season on Desperate Housewives: The death tally was collected from, which also shows that there were six deaths referenced before the series started and three deaths between seasons four and five during the “five years … Continue reading Desperate Housewives’ death toll ticks

Sexism doesn’t sell on ‘Fashion Star’

Sexism took center stage on the season premiere of Fashion Star. On NBC’s new series, Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos mentor the designers, and the contestants present three runway looks to buyers from Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and H&M. Each buyer can bid for a look, but if no offers are presented, the designer risks elimination. Everyone seems to heed the advice of the mentors— except Nicholas Bowes. Watch as he dismisses Nicole and Jessica’s opinions: Fashion Star Contestant Offends Jessica Simpson via I applaud Jessica for speaking up and not letting him get away with his … Continue reading Sexism doesn’t sell on ‘Fashion Star’

GCB fails to raise an eyebrow…possibly due to Botox

GCB, which was called Good Christian Bitches and then Good Christian Belles, premiered on ABC a couple weeks ago. If you like feathers, diamonds, blondes, pearls, bad jokes, and fake tans, this is the show for you. The premise involves a Ponzi schemer dying and his secrets being exposed to the world. His wife, Amanda, is forced to return with her children to Dallas, Texas, in order to find a job and reconnect with her past. Enter drama. It may be a farce about the Texan ideal but it fails. This show flies through. There’s hardly a scene without a … Continue reading GCB fails to raise an eyebrow…possibly due to Botox