TALK LIKE TIGERS – “Animalistic “

Talk Like Tigers, which consists of Mark Thompson, along with identical twins Charlotte and Stephanie Walker, has  a new song out right now that is pretty damn good. I’m surprised it wasn’t recommended to me on my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist with it’s great synth beat and Robyn-esque vocals. Described as “gritty electro pop” makes… TALK LIKE TIGERS – “Animalistic “ was originally published on Rhyme et Reason Continue reading TALK LIKE TIGERS – “Animalistic “

New Venusians – “Keep Running”

Australia! Hear my call! We need more from you, we need bands that have substance and deeper emotions ingrained the lyrics. Thank you for bringing us New Venusians, a band from Sydney. It’s not enough, though. We need more bands to break through that glass ceiling (isn’t there a hole in the ozone or is… New Venusians – “Keep Running” was originally published on Rhyme et Reason Continue reading New Venusians – “Keep Running”

MNDR Live via The Fader

Rhyme et Reason’s editors have been steady obsessed with MNDR ever since we posted her/their song “Feed Me Diamonds” a few weeks back. (Note to self: Amanda Warner is the person; MNDR is the person + Peter Wade.) Recently The Fader got MNDR to perform for their Open Bar series and I thought I should share.   Check out “Faster Horses”:   and “Stay”   Can’t get enough! But that’s lucky because MNDR’s debut Feed Me Diamonds is out now.   Continue reading MNDR Live via The Fader

“Little Bits” – Nadine Carina

Nadine Carina did some great vocalist work with Cloud Seeding, who we featured a little while back. Her own EP, Little Bits, is far more eclectic. The looping of sounds give it an ethereal quality that borders on dream pop. With her cat meowing in the background. Her Swiss accent comes through in a delightful way. The EP is free and it is highly recommended. Find it on Bandcamp. This is on her Bandcamp page: “Little Bits” is a bit different from my previous stuff. Including a collaboration with producer Gated (aka Mathieu Bedwani), all of these songs are a … Continue reading “Little Bits” – Nadine Carina

“Come Clean” And Admit You Like This Hilary Duff Remix Already

I have a confession to make. I really enjoy Hilary Duff‘s music in a totally unironic way. There’s something deeply satisfying about her unapologetic brand of pop. What she lacked in vocals was more than made up for with heavy production. Anyway, we all know (erhm, maybe you don’t), Hilary has been busy with a baby so this isn’t new material. It’s the Patric Dicaprio involution remix of her song “Come Clean” which is just as well. You may remember it was the theme song to Laguna Beach. Teen Witch brought the remix to my attention. It’s pretty damn good … Continue reading “Come Clean” And Admit You Like This Hilary Duff Remix Already