Review of Mystery Show Podcast

Gimlet Media’s new show Mystery Show is headed by Starlee Kine, an alum from This American Life and Marketplace. The premise of the show is that she gets these mysteries that can’t be solved by the internet and then attempts to solve them. The first episode didn’t seem that difficult to solve because it was about… Review of Mystery Show Podcast was originally published on Rhyme et Reason Continue reading Review of Mystery Show Podcast

6 Awesome Feminist Podcasts

What are the best feminist podcasts currently available, you ask? I have searched and listened and can tell you that there are a lot of subpar feminist podcasts but also a lot of really stellar ones. It’s really hard to find ones that tag themselves as feminist and aren’t incredibly boring. These are probably what you can call “bad feminist” podcasts, to steal the phrase from Roxane Gay. They’re either about current events, popular culture, interviews, or music. No podcast is perfect and all the women on these shows have their own definitions of feminism. To be sure, feminism is … Continue reading 6 Awesome Feminist Podcasts