New Music Out in January or Soon

Incredibly, quite suddenly even, it’s 2016. Hard to believe it, and yet here we are: the future. Sure there’s Trump. There’s also plenty of other wonderful things to cancel him out. Namely music. Here’s a short, and by no means comprehensive, list of albums that I’m looking forward to being released this January (or soonish). Moth–… New Music Out in January or Soon was originally published on Rhyme et Reason Continue reading New Music Out in January or Soon

“Coming Home (Viceroy Remix)”- VISITOR

  We told you about VISITOR‘s EP COMING HOME // RNB a week or so back. So have have you been listening to their sinister synth riffs? (Seriously, it’s like listening to haunted house soundtrack if it were on Mars or something.) We’re into it in a big way, so we’re excited to report “Coming Home” has been remixed a few times over.   The latest, by Viceroy, is available to download for f-r-e-e. What do you think?   Do you like “Coming Home”? If so, be sure to pick up your copy of COMING HOME // RNB on 10 September!   Continue reading “Coming Home (Viceroy Remix)”- VISITOR

Crystal Castles – Plague

So, back in Catherine the Great’s time, there was a huge bubonic plague (1770-1772) that took out, according to some reports, 1/6 to 1/3  of the residents of Moscow (close to 100,000 people) and countless others in the more rural areas. They didn’t really know how the plague or germs, for that matter, spread. Lots of people would gather around religious icons and pray. All this meant that the plague jumped from one person to another even more quickly. The icon was removed overnight, one day, by archbishop Amvrosy. Riots happened because the Russians believed it was a conspiracy to spread … Continue reading Crystal Castles – Plague

The Best Ways to Find New Music

Everyone gets bored with what they’re listening to and, inevitably, want to listen to new stuff. Finding the good new stuff can be a trying process, though. Here are a few ways to find new music that doesn’t suck. This site, which is also available on the iPad as an app, shuffles through music blogs that contain mp3s, Soundcloud, and YouTube links, amongst others. You can try all sorts of different genres of music, which is helpful. You can shuffle our site by clicking the link below. You can sign in via Twitter or Facebook. Turntable is a bunch of … Continue reading The Best Ways to Find New Music