4 Songs You Won’t Hear on the Radio

There are a lot of bands making their way to the top of the pile. Some of these deserve to be at the bottom but some bands are definitely worth listening too. There’s also a kind of badge of pride when your band isn’t freely available on the radio (and isn’t being overplayed at the… 4 Songs You Won’t Hear on the Radio was originally published on Rhyme et Reason Continue reading 4 Songs You Won’t Hear on the Radio

Lana Del Rey’s Sad “Honeymoon”

  Lana Del Rey has been touring 2014’s Ultraviolence since it’s release, but that hasn’t kept her from the recording studio. Yesterday she posted “Honeymoon” to her various social media accounts, announcing it as the “first and title track off [her] record.” It’s a sleepy track with her signature retro flare not in any way… Lana Del Rey’s Sad “Honeymoon” was originally published on Rhyme et Reason Continue reading Lana Del Rey’s Sad “Honeymoon”

The Killers’ “Battle Born” Out Now!

  I went to Target earlier this evening and decided to pick up The Killers‘ Battle Born despite the decidedly lackluster leading single “Runaways.” The cashier, probably horrified that I was buying a CD, told me she wished they’d stopped making music after “Human.” I laughed. And then I got really angry. I fucking love “Human.” And I love The goddamn Killers.   Sure Brandon Flowers et al haven’t thought of a lyric about the devil, death, or damnation, that they didn’t later record. Sure their songs sound the same–and a lot like U2 or Bruce Springsteen. And your point? … Continue reading The Killers’ “Battle Born” Out Now!

New Music from VISITOR

London-based group VISITOR is set to release their EP COMING HOME // RNB on 10 September. Their sound is definitely dystopia-inspired electro-pop which is, of course, right on trend (think The Sound of Arrows–whom they’ve remixed–for the sake of immediate comparison) but their lyrics (and the delivery thereof) have a certain theatricality with obvious echoes of 90s R&B, not unlike like fellow countrymen Hurts and Muse, or the French singer Alizée. The EP will feature the two title tracks (“Coming Home” and “RNB”) as well as a number of remixes. We couldn’t be more excited. Get ready for a whole mess of … Continue reading New Music from VISITOR

“You’re the One”– Charli XCX

Charli XCX is a promising recording artist from the UK who’s primed to make it big stateside. She sounds a little a lot like Marina and the Diamonds (especially now that Marina has gone electro on Electra Heart) and they seem to share similar influences but the US is plenty big enough for the two of them. (Look for our review of Marina’s sophomore album this week!) Check out “You’re the One”: What do you think? If you like this song, be sure to pick it up at your favorite online retailer. And if you’re so inclined (you are, I just … Continue reading “You’re the One”– Charli XCX