Chavela Vargas Has Died // Chavela Vargas Se Ha Muerto

Mexican singer (by way of Costa Rica) Chavela Vargas died on Sunday at the age of 93. Chavela’s distinctively soulful voice–infinitely rich with such a wonderful rasp–is unparalleled in the Spanish-speaking world and was no doubt informed by her lifestyle. Vargas was famously androgynous, carried on lesbian love affairs (perhaps even with friend, the artist, Frida Kahlo), and sang ranchera songs as they were meant to be sung–refusing to change the pronouns in these songs to satisfy her audience’s heteronormative sensibilities. She became one of those rare icons beloved by both popular culture and counterculture. She will be missed, but her voice … Continue reading Chavela Vargas Has Died // Chavela Vargas Se Ha Muerto

It is time to boycott Chick-fil-A

Sorry, folks (straight, gay, or otherwise). Turns out that the chicken nuggets you buy at Chick-fil-A goes towards Christian groups that oppose homosexuality. Now that the President of the company has confirmed it, it’s time to put down the chicken. What went from this… Cathy [Chick-fil-A President] had previously shrugged off the criticisms in a 2011 interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, calling blogosphere reports on his company’s donations “folklore.” Cathy also noted, “We’re not anti-anybody. Our mission is to create raving fans.” (via Huffington Post) …is now this In a new interview with the Baptist Press, Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy — the … Continue reading It is time to boycott Chick-fil-A

“Only the Horses”- Scissor Sisters

There’s a short list of things I like more than pop music. At the very top (maybe near the top is a closer approximation) of said list you’ll find horses. So, as you can imagine, when the two combine I pretty much can’t help myself. Such is the case with Scissor Sister‘s latest single “Only the Horses” from their just released album, Magic Hour.   “Only the Horses” is a glittery glimmering disco-influenced song that you’ll be hearing loads of this summer, especially if you frequent gay bars or Europe. This song makes me think of Joe McElderry’s “Ambitions” (lead singer Jake … Continue reading “Only the Horses”- Scissor Sisters