Lana Del Rey’s Sad “Honeymoon”

  Lana Del Rey has been touring 2014’s Ultraviolence since it’s release, but that hasn’t kept her from the recording studio. Yesterday she posted “Honeymoon” to her various social media accounts, announcing it as the “first and title track off [her] record.” It’s a sleepy track with her signature retro flare not in any way… Lana Del Rey’s Sad “Honeymoon” was originally published on Rhyme et Reason Continue reading Lana Del Rey’s Sad “Honeymoon”

Lana Del Rey covers “Blue Velvet” for H(&)M UPDATED!

Eternal Rhyme et Reason favorite Lana Del Rey covered Bobby Vinton’s “Blue Velvet” for a David Lynch -inspired advert for Swedish über retailer H&M. It’s as dark and dreamy as any of her own material. Check it out below: How can we get our hands on the full version?! UPDATE: Listen to the cover in full! Continue reading Lana Del Rey covers “Blue Velvet” for H(&)M UPDATED!

ReR Recommends: Songs To Get You Through Today

Sunday, fun-day? Not really. Well not from where I’m writing anyway. I leave you some exciting songs from a handful of our favorite artists (most are remixes of songs we’ve already featured and this is a GOOD thing) to get me you through. You can even download 1 or 2! “Devil in Me (Noosa Remix)”–Cinnamon Girl “End of The World Everyday (Vindata Remix)”– Wildcat! Wildcat! “Video Games (Krush Remix)”– Lana Del Rey “Sweet Nothing”– Calvin Harris Featuring Florence Welch “You Can Yell”–Astronauts, etc. Continue reading ReR Recommends: Songs To Get You Through Today

Lana Del Rey’s Full H&M Campaign Just Revealed

(Photography by Inez & Vindooh; Images care of H&M) The complete range of images for Lana Del Rey‘s Autumn 2012 campaign for Swedish über retailer H&M have just been released and god are they good!  Naturally the lips are big. But the hair is even bigger–certainly “beauty queen style.” The retro-styled collection is equal parts pretty and polished. Per the trend, floral prints are everywhere even in fall. You’ll see blooms on tops (see above) and bottoms (see below), but they’re done a bit abstractly and feature rich warm colors. H&M was clearly “inspired” by that ubiquitous Acne mint green … Continue reading Lana Del Rey’s Full H&M Campaign Just Revealed

Lana Del Rey for Vogue Italia

  Our girl Lana Del Rey is putting that modeling contract of hers to good use gracing the pages of Vogue Italia August 2012. She’s already been featured in Vogue UK and Vogue Nippon (Japan) which means Anna Wintour doesn’t exactly have her finger to the pulse of the zeitgeist as in years past.   Check out some of the retro-inspired looks–more on the Vogue Italia site + a behind the scenes video of the shoot. Be warned: Lana’s all bedroom eyes and bouffants. All photographs by Ellen Von Unwerth.     Purrfect. (Sorry! Had to.)       Doesn’t she look like … Continue reading Lana Del Rey for Vogue Italia

Lana covers Nirvana

Lana Del Rey was in Sydney the other day and covered one of Nirvana’s most popular songs, “Heart Shaped Box”. She made it her own by just singing the way she does and not trying to imitate Kurt Cobain. Far less growl, much more howl – and strings. What’s the bet that Courtney Love is irrationally seething about this? Nirvana is one of those polarizing bands that people are either really into or could give a flying fig about. Del Rey seems to be one of those people too so it’s only fitting for her to cover a song written by … Continue reading Lana covers Nirvana