Lady Gaga Covers Vogue’s September Issue

    (Image from Lady Gaga in a gown by Marc Jacobs looks an awful lot like Nicki Minaj on her September cover for Vogue. That or a troll doll… This is the 2nd time Gaga has been a Vogue cover story and I much prefer the former. What is this?!   Check out the other photo Gaga leaked on her own social media network/site:   I’m no Anna Wintour, but i think this look would have made for a more striking cover. The hat is by milliner Stephen Jones. Continue reading Lady Gaga Covers Vogue’s September Issue

Lady Gaga to Make Film Debut in “Machete Kills”

  The internets are abuzz now that it has been revealed that Lady Gaga is set to make her film debut in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete Kills–the sequel to 2010’s Machete. She’ll play “La Chameleón”–Spanglish for a female Chameleon–as per the above promo pic, which features a wolf stole and a smoking (silenced) gun. Are you excited to see Mother Monster on the big screen?! Continue reading Lady Gaga to Make Film Debut in “Machete Kills”

Must See: “Settle Down”- No Doubt

Interscope Records must be excited about No Doubt’s return. Just the other day we saw the album artwork. Now they’re supersaturating media (all forms) with Gwen Stefani and company’s comeback single “Settle Down.” Did you notice that the video and mp3 dropped on the same day? And hey, did you happen to see that tweet from Lady Gaga? (This one?!) No complaints! Check out the video: Classic. True, “Settle Down” doesn’t stray from the No Doubt signature ska-influenced sound. But it doesn’t need to. As the adage goes: if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. It’s been a while since we’ve had … Continue reading Must See: “Settle Down”- No Doubt

Attend DC or Baltimore Pride 2012

What’s the opposite of homophobic? Homophilic. How can you support gay rights? Do some of the following… If you’re in the Washington D.C. area this weekend, attend Capital Pride for the arts, the parade, and the entertainment which is legendary. If you’re closer to Baltimore, attend Baltimore Pride the weekend after (June 16th) and let your flag fly! You don’t have to be gay in order to attend but showing your support can’t steer you wrong (despite what the ‘phobes think). There is lots of good stuff going on. Watch some of the better shows on television that showcase gay … Continue reading Attend DC or Baltimore Pride 2012

“Lazuli”- Beach House

Baltimore’s own Beach House have just released the video for “Lazuli”–the second single off of their fourth album, Bloom. The song is classic Beach House: atmospheric, synth-heavy and dripping with mumbly-mouthed lyrics. The video is not! It features loads of special effects, Lady Gaga Born-This-Way-era intergalactic sets (complete with G.O.A.T) and JJ Abrams’ signature lens flares for fuck’s sake! This from a band who doesn’t want to do deals with car companies or (allegedly) be sold at Starbucks. HIPSTERS! (I know, takes one to know one…) Continue reading “Lazuli”- Beach House