5 Sweet Mad Men iPhone cases

We love Mad Men and iPhones (for those of us lucky enough to own one) so why not combine the two? Get a stylish Mad Men case from Society6 and make the gals and guys you encounter swoon over it. Click the image to get to the artists’ prospective shops*. $35 gets you a sleek case that will last a good while.           *Yes, I included my own artwork in there. Why the heck not? Continue reading 5 Sweet Mad Men iPhone cases

Download Now: Corpse Craft for iPad

Corpse Craft for iPad ($0.99 currently) is an addictive hit set in an “Edward Gorey-inspired world.” The game combines Collapse with these corpses fighting, set in a Victorian and morbid world where two schoolboys hate each other. By playing the puzzle part of the game, you earn resources to go and fight Ralph and his entourage. It’s a tower defense game with a twist. For anyone who has read the Gashlycrumb Tinies and enjoys dark humour, this game is a welcome distraction from the bright and cheery world of games such as Cut the Rope. The hand-drawn, Gothic feel of this … Continue reading Download Now: Corpse Craft for iPad

10 Society6 iPhone Cases We Love

IPhone cases can be such a fashion statement, if used correctly. Obviously, if you’re only looking for protection then you’re going to go with the incredibly ugly and bulky Otterbox cases which are neither fashion forward or actually fool-proof. Society6 offers a ton of great (and reasonably-priced at $35) iPhone cases which will show off your style in no time. They don’t feel cheap, either. Society6 is run on artists who resize their work to fit the standards of an iPhone skin or case. They make affordable art possible for the masses. Below are some iPhone cases which have animals … Continue reading 10 Society6 iPhone Cases We Love

Whatever I Am, You Made Me… Have Hooker Flashbacks

I was a very happy dork when True Blood opened on Tara experiencing her new vampire abilities, and the way the sky opened up was simply fantastic. Mad props, guys, mad props. Then when Tara was about to attack that girl, you could still hear the change in heartbeats, a detail which I missed the first time. I was kinda pissed that Tara decided she desperately needs a tan and hops in a booth at the “Curl Up and Fry” salon. So now the Hardy Boys–Bill and Eric–are tasked with bringing in Russell Edgington, but not without putting on some … Continue reading Whatever I Am, You Made Me… Have Hooker Flashbacks