If you don’t like True Detective, try other HBO shows

True Detective is coming out with its second season this Sunday. This means that everything you knew about the show is null and void because this is an anthology series. HBO still has a healthy repertoire of shows with some new ones starting this Sunday. Check out Leonard Cohen’s song “Nevermind” being used as the… If you don’t like True Detective, try other HBO shows was originally published on Rhyme et Reason Continue reading If you don’t like True Detective, try other HBO shows

Jenny Lewis’s New Video Is Heavy on the Nostalgia

Before being an indie rock goddess, Jenny Lewis was a mortal child actor. You may not realize it, but if you were an 80s/early 90s kid Lewis was probably in your favorite movie or television show. Go and check! In the video for “She’s Not Me,” a Clapton-y Fleetwood Mac-y number on The Voyager, Lewis and some incredible guest stars revisit some of her most famous roles.Thank god we got a nod to “Troop Beverly Hills”.  Vanessa Bayer as Phyllis Nefler is pretty much the best casting in the history of casting. The video also features Zosia Mamet (of GIRLS fame), Feist, Fred … Continue reading Jenny Lewis’s New Video Is Heavy on the Nostalgia

Best (& Worst) of the Met 2012

(All photographs by Joe Schildhorn/ BFAny.com; All images via style.com unless otherwise noted) Anna Wintour (above in Prada) et al.–including her bedazzled lobster friend?–were out for the Metropolitan Museum’s 2012 Costume Institute Gala. If you aren’t familiar with this event it is essentially the Fashion Industry prom; there’s a theme and everything.  Designers dress editors, actresses, models in their finest and everyone gets a photo op. I’m going to share my top 5 6 favorite (and least favorite) looks in no particular order. I’ll spare you my thoughts about certain people being invited in the first place… Joan Smalls in Balmain (with the … Continue reading Best (& Worst) of the Met 2012


Last night was the premiere of Girls, the Lena Dunham-vehicle which is sure to be HBO’s next hit.   And why not?! It’s got the best parts of former hits How to Make it in New York and Sex and the City–namely New York City–with none of the rest, i.e. stubbled-cheeked, whiny, name-dropping hipsters and flashy, horse faced fashionistas.   Dunham–the writer/director behind Tiny Furniture–is the actor/writer/director/creator behind the show which chronicles the lives of 20 somethings Hannah, Jessa, Brian Williams‘ daughter Allison (did they ever say her name?), and the other one we’re sure to meet–all of whom are fully developed and COMPLEX … Continue reading GIRLS