ReR Recommends: Songs To Get You Through Today

Sunday, fun-day? Not really. Well not from where I’m writing anyway. I leave you some exciting songs from a handful of our favorite artists (most are remixes of songs we’ve already featured and this is a GOOD thing) to get me you through. You can even download 1 or 2! “Devil in Me (Noosa Remix)”–Cinnamon Girl “End of The World Everyday (Vindata Remix)”– Wildcat! Wildcat! “Video Games (Krush Remix)”– Lana Del Rey “Sweet Nothing”– Calvin Harris Featuring Florence Welch “You Can Yell”–Astronauts, etc. Continue reading ReR Recommends: Songs To Get You Through Today

“Breaking Down”- Florence + The Machine

Unless you’re a new reader, you know we write about Florence + The Machine quite a lot here at Rhyme et Reason. And it looks like that won’t be changing anytime soon now that she’s released yet another brilliant single from the revelatory Ceremonials. We’re not sorry. The manic and melancholic song “Breaking Down”–like “Spectrum,” “Never Let Me Go,” “Shake It Off” and “What The Water Gave Me” before it–has gotten the video treatment. Just like Florence Welch herself, the song is at once retro and current. You should probably watch it: Check it out: Continue reading “Breaking Down”- Florence + The Machine