“Little Bits” – Nadine Carina

Nadine Carina did some great vocalist work with Cloud Seeding, who we featured a little while back. Her own EP, Little Bits, is far more eclectic. The looping of sounds give it an ethereal quality that borders on dream pop. With her cat meowing in the background. Her Swiss accent comes through in a delightful way. The EP is free and it is highly recommended. Find it on Bandcamp. This is on her Bandcamp page: “Little Bits” is a bit different from my previous stuff. Including a collaboration with producer Gated (aka Mathieu Bedwani), all of these songs are a … Continue reading “Little Bits” – Nadine Carina

Cloud Seeding – “The Light” (feat. Nadine Carina)

Kevin Serra, who is the man behind Cloud Seeding, experiments with singles and got Swiss singer Nadine Carina to work with him on “The Light”, a relaxed and pretty song that fits on a grey, cloud covered day. He continues to partner with vocalists and collaborate with others. Buy it here and follow Cloud Seeding on Twitter. Continue reading Cloud Seeding – “The Light” (feat. Nadine Carina)