MNDR Live via The Fader

Rhyme et Reason’s editors have been steady obsessed with MNDR ever since we posted her/their song “Feed Me Diamonds” a few weeks back. (Note to self: Amanda Warner is the person; MNDR is the person + Peter Wade.) Recently The Fader got MNDR to perform for their Open Bar series and I thought I should share.   Check out “Faster Horses”:   and “Stay”   Can’t get enough! But that’s lucky because MNDR’s debut Feed Me Diamonds is out now.   Continue reading MNDR Live via The Fader

Must Listen: “Feed Me Diamonds”- MNDR

  Stop everything you’re doing and listen to “Feed Me Diamonds” by MNDR. No, seriously. Stop rea   ding.     GOD DAMN.   MNDR, I was convinced as soon as I heard “c’mon dismantle me.” Congratulations. This is some Björk (“Desired Constellation”) shit right here but I’m not mad. Not at all. I’m completely enamored by it.   And her interview with Spin in which she described the song pretty much sealed the deal: [“Feed Me Diamonds” is] an homage to Marina Abramovíc. It’s weird to use the word inspire. I wish I could another one. But she’s really important to … Continue reading Must Listen: “Feed Me Diamonds”- MNDR