Must See: “Primadonna”- Marina and the Diamonds

This is too good to be true. Marina and the Diamonds’ “Primadonna” simultaneously celebrates and slams celebrity, self-obsession, and materialism in 3 mins and 58 seconds. And it’s set to the prettiest beat. You heard it here: beats can be pretty. Marina’s “Primadonna Girl” is the long overdue (dare I say: feminist) response to Madonna’s “Material Girl.” No less dancy. A lot more self-reflective. Don’t believe me? Electra Heart is quickly shaping up to be my favorite record of 2012–with the exception of “Fear and Loathing,” of course.  Thankfully Marina hasn’t lost her edge. No sophomore slump, for sure. Also, … Continue reading Must See: “Primadonna”- Marina and the Diamonds