Harry’s Nude-Colored Pants

Britain may have just had its day in the sun with the Olympics and all but the skies for the Royal family are now overcast with little brother Harry having some fun in a hotel room, naked. According to TMZ, which we know is a legitimate news source (ha), Harry was playing strip-pool in a very expensive room at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas with some girls who he hardly knew. Because princes never do that. I wonder if he thought the matter would stay in Vegas? Let’s let the guy who lives in his brother’s shadow for 98% … Continue reading Harry’s Nude-Colored Pants

Karen O’s “Strange Love” or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Tim Burton

Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie comes out towards the beginning of October and there is going to be some great music on that soundtrack (which comes out September 25th). The song has its roots in calypso, fun and upbeat. It’s definitely kid friendly and accessible for those who might be on the fence about Burton’s films (but most of you reading this are probably already familiar with and like his work). Mark Foster from Foster the People, Imagine Dragons, Passion Pit, Kimbra, Robert Smith of The Cure, and (interestingly) Winona Ryder of Johnny Depp’s former tattoo (now Wino Forever) are all slated … Continue reading Karen O’s “Strange Love” or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Tim Burton

Watercolor stopmotion of Blade Runner

Anders Ramsell’s video of Blade Runner: The Aquarelle Edition  is a masterpiece of animated watercolor paintings. He painted the aquarelle paintings from March 2011 to January 2012, which, once edited, transformed into twelve minutes of Blade Runner. This is just the teaser trailer. The final product of all 117 minutes of the film will be quite a feat. Continue reading Watercolor stopmotion of Blade Runner

Van She – “Jamaica”

Get your sunglasses out. Modular Recordings, an Australian label behind Tom Vek and Van She have released some new music for us to delight in. Van She is rolling in the tropical heat and beats, it would appear, with “Jamaica”. They’ll make you think you’re on the beach, enjoying the cool breeze, the blue water, and the alcoholic drinks. Their “Idea of Happiness” doesn’t quite do it for me. As a bonus, Tom Vek’s “Aroused” was remixed by Van She, so enjoy that as well. Tom Vek, ladies and gentlemen. Feel free to zone in and out. Continue reading Van She – “Jamaica”