MNDR Live via The Fader

Rhyme et Reason’s editors have been steady obsessed with MNDR ever since we posted her/their song “Feed Me Diamonds” a few weeks back. (Note to self: Amanda Warner is the person; MNDR is the person + Peter Wade.) Recently The Fader got MNDR to perform for their Open Bar series and I thought I should share.   Check out “Faster Horses”:   and “Stay”   Can’t get enough! But that’s lucky because MNDR’s debut Feed Me Diamonds is out now.   Continue reading MNDR Live via The Fader

Electra Heart– Marina and the Diamonds

Rhyme et Reason favorite Marina Diamandis and the Diamonds‘ sophomore album Electra Heart is available in the States after what seemed like forever. I might be exaggerating slightly, but for god’s sake, it was released in the UK in MARCH! And that’s ages in an online era. (Record labels really must stop being surprised with illegal downloading/piracy when they do stupid shit like that.) I am happy to report that Electra Heart was worth the wait. Although, you shouldn’t expect a departure from the sound Diamandis carefully cultivated on her debut, The Family Jewels. That is not to say Marina hasn’t matured. Quite the … Continue reading Electra Heart– Marina and the Diamonds

Have a Taste of Cinnamon Girl!

  “Devil in Me,” the latest single from UK-based (Denmark-raised) Cinnamon Girl, is very, very tempting. It’s an 80s pop dream of a song with loads of synth and chorus that’s catchy as hell. (Pun intended). I read that Cinnamon Girl writes and produces her own stuff, which is always nice to hear. I realize we often don’t like to know people with model good looks are multi-talented…   Check out the heavily color-blocked video:   Oh and it’s available to download for free! I can’t wait to hear more. Continue reading Have a Taste of Cinnamon Girl!