Playlist: Happy 50th Birthday, Ian MacKaye!

Ian MacKaye turned 50 today, marking 31 years since he was a Guilty of Being White 19-year-old. MacKaye grew up in Washington, D.C., where bands like Bad Brains and Black Flag were based. D.C. was an oasis of hardcore punk in the late ’70s/early ’80s, considering many of the influential bands, like the Minutemen, formed on the West Coast. He was childhood friends with Henry Rollins, who eventually joined Black Flag and turned 51 years old in February. Although MacKaye coined the term “straight edge” in the Minor Threat song its named for, don’t blame him for the XXX tattoos or Google filling … Continue reading Playlist: Happy 50th Birthday, Ian MacKaye!

New Joey Ramone track: Rock ‘N Roll Is The Answer

Ramones fans who have played Rocket To Russia a hundred times are in for a new treat. The first track on Joey Ramone‘s album …Ya Know? leaked this week. The entire album comes out on May 22, which is 11 years after Joey died of lymphoma and 10 years after his first posthumous release, Don’t Worry About Me. Joey was the Ramone’s frontman, but his solo work is a bit different. Spinner calls “Rock ‘N Roll Is The Answer” a “a rollicking nod to the AC/DC-style ’80s arena rock that the Ramones never fully indulged in.” Don’t be turned off if AC/DC isn’t your … Continue reading New Joey Ramone track: Rock ‘N Roll Is The Answer

Desperate Housewives’ death toll ticks

Death is knocking at the doors of Wisteria Lane in Desperate Housewives‘ eighth and final season. Like the preceding seven seasons, death is a constant theme. In case you forget that neighbors drop like flies, the show Mary Alice Young, a neighbor who committed suicide before season one, reminds you as she narrates the show. Here’s a look at how many characters die each season on Desperate Housewives: The death tally was collected from, which also shows that there were six deaths referenced before the series started and three deaths between seasons four and five during the “five years … Continue reading Desperate Housewives’ death toll ticks

Sexism doesn’t sell on ‘Fashion Star’

Sexism took center stage on the season premiere of Fashion Star. On NBC’s new series, Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos mentor the designers, and the contestants present three runway looks to buyers from Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and H&M. Each buyer can bid for a look, but if no offers are presented, the designer risks elimination. Everyone seems to heed the advice of the mentors— except Nicholas Bowes. Watch as he dismisses Nicole and Jessica’s opinions: Fashion Star Contestant Offends Jessica Simpson via I applaud Jessica for speaking up and not letting him get away with his … Continue reading Sexism doesn’t sell on ‘Fashion Star’

Friday Night Sounds: Argentine Punk

Argentine punk emerged a few years after The Clash in England and The Ramones in Queens, New York, during the millitary dictatorship. The early years make bitching about Reagan seem like whiny complaints. Modern Argentine punk is packed with elements of hardcore, ska and politics, and it’s easy to hear how many bands emulate The Ramones. Argentina is still churning out awesome bands, and the punk scene continues to thrive. The Wiki chronicles the early bands that Spotify does not have and details a few bands on the playlist, which are: Cadena Perpetua 2 minutos Attaque 77 Expulsados The Broken Toys … Continue reading Friday Night Sounds: Argentine Punk

A fresh take on makeup tutorials: “How To Be a Girl”

YouTube makeup tutorials can go one of two ways: There are the professionals and the YouTube stars who are paid to plug pricey products– and really, any woman who needs to go online to learn how to put on makeup probably shouldn’t shell out $28 for the highly-worshipped NARS Orgasm blush because she doesn’t know what she’s doing anyway. The remaining videos are essentially vlogs (shudder) with some tips peppered in disguised as tutorials. Enter Jane Feltes, the antihero of makeup tutorials, with her “How to Be a Girl” series. “Here’s how make a perfect, dramatic cat eye without screwing … Continue reading A fresh take on makeup tutorials: “How To Be a Girl”