Exclusive Interview with Cinnamon Girl + “Devil in Me” Remix!

A few days ago we introduced you to Cinnamon Girl–an emerging pop artist based in the UK. We’ve been full-on head spinning around, pea-soup vomiting possessed by her song “Devil in Me” and needed to know everything there was to know about its creator. Thankfully, she obliged us and agreed to an interview. FYI: She’s from Europe and we’re not changing her spelling. We’re convinced you’ll live. Bonus: scroll down for the Robots with Rayguns remix of “Devil in Me”! Rhyme et Reason: If your music were a color, which would it be?   Cinnamon Girl: It’s impossible to just pick … Continue reading Exclusive Interview with Cinnamon Girl + “Devil in Me” Remix!

Have a Taste of Cinnamon Girl!

  “Devil in Me,” the latest single from UK-based (Denmark-raised) Cinnamon Girl, is very, very tempting. It’s an 80s pop dream of a song with loads of synth and chorus that’s catchy as hell. (Pun intended). I read that Cinnamon Girl writes and produces her own stuff, which is always nice to hear. I realize we often don’t like to know people with model good looks are multi-talented…   Check out the heavily color-blocked video:   Oh and it’s available to download for free! I can’t wait to hear more. Continue reading Have a Taste of Cinnamon Girl!