Coldplay and Rihanna Give Us “Parodies of China”

It struck me as a bit strange that Coldplay and Rihanna would work together in the first place. (Yes, I know Chris Martin is Jay-Z’s BFF and Rihanna is his protégée.) I wound up liking “Princess of China”–the song–but I can’t say the same about the video. It features all of the cheesiness of a martial arts movie, choreographed in-air fight sequences and everything, plus costumes picked from what seems like every corner of Asia. Riri-diculous. What do you think? Continue reading Coldplay and Rihanna Give Us “Parodies of China”

“amarillo (coldplay cover)”- los migues

por dios!!!!!! so club fonograma is an amazing latin american indie music blog and they recently posted a write-up on los migues.  the latter, is an argentine/ean band and they’ve covered my favorite coldplay song–“yellow.”  now en español!  AMARILLO.mp3 Listen on Posterous it’s super lo-fi and a pretty straight-forward translation.  sounds pretty padre, como decimos…   thoughts?   -osea Continue reading “amarillo (coldplay cover)”- los migues