The Killers’ “Battle Born” Out Now!

  I went to Target earlier this evening and decided to pick up The Killers‘ Battle Born despite the decidedly lackluster leading single “Runaways.” The cashier, probably horrified that I was buying a CD, told me she wished they’d stopped making music after “Human.” I laughed. And then I got really angry. I fucking love “Human.” And I love The goddamn Killers.   Sure Brandon Flowers et al haven’t thought of a lyric about the devil, death, or damnation, that they didn’t later record. Sure their songs sound the same–and a lot like U2 or Bruce Springsteen. And your point? … Continue reading The Killers’ “Battle Born” Out Now!

New from The Killers – “Runaways”

The Killers are on to their fourth album, which is slated to come out this September. The album is called Battle Born and instead of doing any research, I’m going to assume that the name comes from Skyrim. Ahem. “Runaways” is reminiscent of their Sam’s Town album which was not a critical favorite but, eh, it could be worse. Everyone keeps comparing Brandon Flowers to Bruce Springsteen and that isn’t necessarily a direction I would like to see them go in. Springsteen has had long-term success, yes. Turning out actual hits, not so much. But, anything is better than Flowers’ solo album. Continue reading New from The Killers – “Runaways”