In The Beginning… Vampires Had Mommy Issues

Spoilers ahead. Season 5, Episode 7 of True Blood. The coup we all saw coming, Russell is back with a vengeance and our favorite vampyric Hardy Boys struggle to get to the bottom of who let Russell out of his cage. Fortunately for them they didn’t have to think too hard as Salome spilled the beans. Bill and Eric play possum for a while and just go with the flow, knowing they couldn’t escape Russell if they tried. Going with the flow takes a turn for the awesome when they join the Authority in a night on the town, getting … Continue reading In The Beginning… Vampires Had Mommy Issues

Authority Always Wins… Well, Not Really

Brand new baby vampire Tara is one of the scariest vampires I’ve seen on this show. She was a rage-filled human before she was turned, and now she’s got inhuman speed and strength, so I can’t wait to see who else gets in her path because it’s gonna be a bloodbath. Oh, and props to Rutina Wesley (Tara) for owling on a sink. Genius sheriffs Jason and Andy slowly start to unravel the case of the abandoned car, but I wonder if they’ll really figure it out without Sookie spilling the beans about blowing Debbie’s brains out and then disposed … Continue reading Authority Always Wins… Well, Not Really