“Lazuli”- Beach House

Baltimore’s own Beach House have just released the video for “Lazuli”–the second single off of their fourth album, Bloom. The song is classic Beach House: atmospheric, synth-heavy and dripping with mumbly-mouthed lyrics. The video is not! It features loads of special effects, Lady Gaga Born-This-Way-era intergalactic sets (complete with G.O.A.T) and JJ Abrams’ signature lens flares for fuck’s sake! This from a band who doesn’t want to do deals with car companies or (allegedly) be sold at Starbucks. HIPSTERS! (I know, takes one to know one…) Continue reading “Lazuli”- Beach House

Punch Drunk

As summer approaches, I’m looking for new food and drink recipes to try out for myself and share with others. Yesterday I attended my first drink-making class at a really awesome bar called RYE in Baltimore. The class, cleverly named “TKO: An Afternoon of Punches”, was an hour long class that sat 10 guests who purchased the class through a LivingSocial deal. We talked, asked questions, and listened as Managing Partner/ Head Bartender Doug Atwell, and his fiancé Teri, gave us some information on the history of punch in Europe and the United States. We learned the step-by-step instructions on … Continue reading Punch Drunk

Beach House’s “Bloom” is Streaming on NPR!

Baltimore Band Beach House (comprised of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally) are set to release their fourth record, Bloom, on 17 May.   It’s hard to imagine something better than 2010’s Teen Dream but we aren’t denying them the possibility. We’ve been listening to “Myth” and “Lazuli” nonstop here at Rhyme et Reason–whether at work or in the car. (Our editor in chief has suffered through me singing along SEVERAL times. Bless her.) That’s generally a good sign.   And now thanks to NPR we can hear the whole thing a week before it drops.     Continue reading Beach House’s “Bloom” is Streaming on NPR!

Friday Night Sounds: Porch Listening

When I was first discovering my taste in music, I quickly avoided anything that remotely sounded like modern country. As a child, I remember driving down the road with my mom’s slightly off-tune alto belting out songs with such a forced twang that it was all I could do not to stick my fingers in my ears. But after driving on my own, and having the ability to turn off the innumerable country radio stations in the Baltimore metro area, I began to acknowledge that all elements of country weren’t terrible. Particularly its roots, roughly folk and bluegrass.  Once I … Continue reading Friday Night Sounds: Porch Listening

Santigold Drops Master of My Make-Believe + Talks About Process

Rhyme et Reason favorite Santigold just released her sophomore album Master of My Make-Believe–the follow up to her 2008 eponymous debut Santogold Santigold. It features songs like “Disparate Youth,” “Big Mouth” and “Go! (feat. Karen O of Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs)” all of which have been mentioned on this very site. Make sure you pick it up as it is available at all of your electronic retailers. But be sure to check out her Instagram interview where she talks about the creative process behind Master of My Make-Believe. You’ll see exclusive pictures with famous friends like Diplo, DJ A-trak, and Lykke Li among others. … Continue reading Santigold Drops Master of My Make-Believe + Talks About Process