New Venusians – “Keep Running”

Australia! Hear my call! We need more from you, we need bands that have substance and deeper emotions ingrained the lyrics. Thank you for bringing us New Venusians, a band from Sydney. It’s not enough, though. We need more bands to break through that glass ceiling (isn’t there a hole in the ozone or is… New Venusians – “Keep Running” was originally published on Rhyme et Reason Continue reading New Venusians – “Keep Running”

Add This to Your Netflix Queue

The Tree (2010 film)

The Tree (2010)

“The Tree” is an independent movie, starring Charlotte Gainsbourg (see Melancholia), in which a young girl’s father dies when he crashes into a tree. She believes that he is in the tree and therefore decides to live in the tree, to be close to him. Drama happens when the tree begins to uproot this once stable family.

Watch it if you like Australian movies, you don’t mind Charlotte Gainsbourg acting like she is dead inside (it’s a bit frustrating), and big ants on a big tree don’t frighten you.

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Van She – “Jamaica”

Get your sunglasses out. Modular Recordings, an Australian label behind Tom Vek and Van She have released some new music for us to delight in. Van She is rolling in the tropical heat and beats, it would appear, with “Jamaica”. They’ll make you think you’re on the beach, enjoying the cool breeze, the blue water, and the alcoholic drinks. Their “Idea of Happiness” doesn’t quite do it for me. As a bonus, Tom Vek’s “Aroused” was remixed by Van She, so enjoy that as well. Tom Vek, ladies and gentlemen. Feel free to zone in and out. Continue reading Van She – “Jamaica”

New Music from Manor: “Afghan Hound”

A few months back we posted, Australian* band, Manor‘s debut single “Rhodesia.” Now they’re back with a second (and it is equally enigmatic sounding)–called “Afghan Hound.”   There’s lots of lovely layers to the song. And this time, we hear more from the band’s other half–Caitlin Duff. Dream pop at its dreamiest! Check it out:   *We can’t get enough of Australian and Swedish acts as of late… Continue reading New Music from Manor: “Afghan Hound”