RER Recommends: Cloud Surfing

    These are songs to listen to when you’re lying on a blanket on a grassy knoll (not the kind you sit on and wait to kill someone) and stare at the clouds pass by. Not that the weather is especially conducive to this at the moment but, hey, I can dream about autumn approaching, can’t I?     Andrew Bird’s “Imitosis” is pleasant to lounge around and listen to and makes you feel smarter while doing it. The guy has a vocabulary, there is no doubt about that. This video is also pretty cool.       Rodrigo y Gabriela … Continue reading RER Recommends: Cloud Surfing

Watercolor stopmotion of Blade Runner

Anders Ramsell’s video of Blade Runner: The Aquarelle Edition  is a masterpiece of animated watercolor paintings. He painted the aquarelle paintings from March 2011 to January 2012, which, once edited, transformed into twelve minutes of Blade Runner. This is just the teaser trailer. The final product of all 117 minutes of the film will be quite a feat. Continue reading Watercolor stopmotion of Blade Runner