10 Society6 iPhone Cases We Love

IPhone cases can be such a fashion statement, if used correctly. Obviously, if you’re only looking for protection then you’re going to go with the incredibly ugly and bulky Otterbox cases which are neither fashion forward or actually fool-proof. Society6 offers a ton of great (and reasonably-priced at $35) iPhone cases which will show off your style in no time. They don’t feel cheap, either. Society6 is run on artists who resize their work to fit the standards of an iPhone skin or case. They make affordable art possible for the masses. Below are some iPhone cases which have animals … Continue reading 10 Society6 iPhone Cases We Love

Watercolor stopmotion of Blade Runner

Anders Ramsell’s video of Blade Runner: The Aquarelle Edition  is a masterpiece of animated watercolor paintings. He painted the aquarelle paintings from March 2011 to January 2012, which, once edited, transformed into twelve minutes of Blade Runner. This is just the teaser trailer. The final product of all 117 minutes of the film will be quite a feat. Continue reading Watercolor stopmotion of Blade Runner

The Women of Mad Men – Illustrations by Andrea Sparacio

Mad Men may have just ended but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate it with illustrations of some of the key female characters. Check out the write-up on Bangstyle. And, of course, we had to start with Joan. Andrea Sparacio captures the feeling of the characters really well. The color schemes and backgrounds fit together seamlessly. You can read the descriptions of each piece on her blog.  Andrea is an Artist, Designer & Illustrator living in Brooklyn. Follow her on Twitter, Etsy and Facebook. You can buy her book, The Zombie Autopsies here. Check out her comic for some dry humor. Continue reading The Women of Mad Men – Illustrations by Andrea Sparacio

Fashion: Carnivorous Earring by Kabiri

Can you ‘ear’ me now? Good. If I had 245 Euros to lay down on this Carnivorous Earring, you can bet that I’d do that. Lisbeth Salander would go more hardcore and have this made into an actual earring and not just a cuff. She wouldn’t dabble in anything but silver, either. It’s yellow gold-plated on brass, so it’s probably not worth that price. The design, though. That is such a cool thing to put on your ear. It’s hand-made, too. They could  have gone too far and made it look like some trashy Bluetooth device, but they have some decency. After all, … Continue reading Fashion: Carnivorous Earring by Kabiri