Fantastical Illustrations by Paula Mela

Paula Mela, an illustrator from Finland, creates amazing artwork that caught my eye. The patience and care that goes into these illustrations is truly inspiring. She was nice enough to answer some questions for Rhyme et Reason, below. What is your day job and how does that influence your illustrations? I’m actually currently a full-time… Fantastical Illustrations by Paula Mela was originally published on Rhyme et Reason Continue reading Fantastical Illustrations by Paula Mela

Must Listen: “Feed Me Diamonds”- MNDR

  Stop everything you’re doing and listen to “Feed Me Diamonds” by MNDR. No, seriously. Stop rea   ding.     GOD DAMN.   MNDR, I was convinced as soon as I heard “c’mon dismantle me.” Congratulations. This is some Björk (“Desired Constellation”) shit right here but I’m not mad. Not at all. I’m completely enamored by it.   And her interview with Spin in which she described the song pretty much sealed the deal: [“Feed Me Diamonds” is] an homage to Marina Abramovíc. It’s weird to use the word inspire. I wish I could another one. But she’s really important to … Continue reading Must Listen: “Feed Me Diamonds”- MNDR

David Byrne’s Bike Racks

David Byrne’s been a busy guy. He has teamed up with St. Vincent for their music project, wrote a book fairly recently about biking everywhere, and just designed some new interesting bicycle racks in Brooklyn for the Brooklyn Academy of Music.  When they (aliens or what-have-you) discover the steel bike racks that are actually the words “micro lip” and “pink crown” in seventy million years, they’ll be mighty confused. In the meantime, we’ll just enjoy the sheer randomness of it and pretend we know what he’s talking about. As a bonus, the new racks actually work and allow more bikes … Continue reading David Byrne’s Bike Racks

5 Sweet Mad Men iPhone cases

We love Mad Men and iPhones (for those of us lucky enough to own one) so why not combine the two? Get a stylish Mad Men case from Society6 and make the gals and guys you encounter swoon over it. Click the image to get to the artists’ prospective shops*. $35 gets you a sleek case that will last a good while.           *Yes, I included my own artwork in there. Why the heck not? Continue reading 5 Sweet Mad Men iPhone cases