Adrienne Price

Adrienne is the Editor in Chief of Rhyme et Reason. She was born in South Africa and immigrated to the United States at the age of eight. She studied marketing and art at Salisbury University and graduated in 2011. She worked at The Flyer, SU’s student newspaper for four years and followed it up with an internship at Urbanite Magazine. She is a visual artist, enjoys watching movies and loves to travel. She went to the opera once, and that was enough for her. Read Adrienne’s posts.

Jeffrey Craig

Jeffrey is the Editor at Large of Rhyme et Reason. Like Adrienne, he graduated from Salisbury University but a few years earlier. He then went on to get a master’s degree in Women’s and Gender Studies. He is a public health professional by day working at the world’s premier research institution (no, really) and a snarky fashion blogger by night–just like Clark Kent. U.S.-based but siempre pensando en México, Jeffrey occasionally posts in Spanish. You’ll live. Read Jeffrey’s posts.

Joshua Price

Joshua is a Broadcasting Institute of Maryland alumnus who graduated with a certificate in News Broadcasting. He is a geeky dork who loves all things tech and video game-y. When he’s not doing his day job, he’s either lost in some fantasy world that only he has the power to save from destruction, or making tea for his sister. Joshua is the handsome one of the crew. Read Joshua’s posts.

Diana Dwyer

Diana might try to front by posting about punk music and perspective, but in reality, she doesn’t mind that working in a cubicle at her marketing job isn’t exactly badass. Most of her free time is divided between obsessing over her niece and nephew, trying to suck less at speaking Spanish and reveling in awkward Jeopardy! contestant interviews. She earned her Bachelor’s in journalism and public relations in 2011 from Salisbury University and now lives on Long Island. Read Diana’s posts.

Katherine Mullen

Katherine is a Contributor to Rhyme et Reason. No, she didn’t graduate from Salisbury University, having spent most of her formative years in New York (state). Katherine is a feminist activist and writer freed from the constraints of community journalism, which was her bread and butter for several years before she made the crazy decision to get a Master’s degree in Women’s and Gender Studies from Towson University. She is a self-identified foodie, Francophile and Maryland wine enthusiast. Read Katherine’s posts.

Kelly Mundle

Kelly is also a recent graduate of Salisbury University, with a degree in English Literature. Soon after graduating she landed a job as a Technical Editor, and now slaves away at a terrible place that gives her flex hours and the ability to take off on short notice. (Who knew the real world could have perks?). Kelly spends the majority of her non-working hours climbing around on rocks, making plans to travel to other places to climb on rocks, and spending money on things to help her climb on rocks. She is often told that she talks to too many strangers, and needs to be more careful (but what’s the fun in that?). Kelly likes to procrastinate, and it is likely that many of her posts are created at work. Read Kelly’s posts.

Rachael Stone

Salisbury University graduate living in Charm City, working to Protect This House and empower athletes everywhere. College sports fanatic. Read Rachael’s posts.

Sarah Mattes

Sarah is a researcher; she likes to know things and to search for answers until she knows more things. She also likes to read and craft and watch murder mysteries on Netflix. She has had many jobs and has lived in many more apartments. Her first crush was on Bill Murray. This fall, she’ll be starting a master’s in archaeology at William and Mary and, for the first time ever, will live outside the state of Maryland. Read Sarah’s posts.

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