Senior week. Alcohol poisoning. Seagulls. 10th anniversary. Bands, beer & bud. This pretty much sums up last weekend in Asbury Park, New Jersey where the 10th anniversary of Bamboozle took place.  Headliners Incubus, Skrillex, Foo Fighters, and Mac Miller performed on the main stage on Friday.  Saturday headliners included Foo Fighters and My Chemical Romance. Blink 182 was set to headline, but was replaced by MCR when Travis Barker had to go and get a stupid “emergency” tonsillectomy. Just kidding, Trav, we still love you. But My Chemical Romance? Really? Anyways. Sunday headliners included Bon Jovi, Brand New and The Gaslight … Continue reading BAMBOOZLE

The Mindy Project

Although we won’t see more of this until the autumn, I am super excited about The Mindy Project. I read her book and I gained a lot more respect for her, respect that had been mounting since I’ve followed her on Twitter. Her new show is set in New York City where she works as a OB/GYN and, like anyone stuck in such an awful city full of well dressed people, she has trouble in her love life. She’s surrounded by good-looking dudes who are sometimes British. Sounds like a winning combination to me, especially since The Office has gone … Continue reading The Mindy Project

Lyrid meteor shower tonight!

Stop whatever you’re doing later tonight and look up! The show should be a good one because the moon is around a “new” phase, which means the side facing the Earth isn’t illuminated and won’t interfere with the view. The meteors vary in brightness from mid-range to as bright as Venus. Experts at say meteors will begin to appear in the northeastern sky at midnight local time, and the best time to watch is in the hours before dawn. Meteors are different than meteoroids because meteors let off a streak of light. The Lyrid meteor shower is a great opportunity … Continue reading Lyrid meteor shower tonight!

Video Review: “Blood for Poppies”- Garbage

Shirley Manson and the gang have released a black magic video for their single “Blood for Poppies.” It features not so subtle nods to film noir (see: black and white, flashbacks, femme fatale) lots of tricks and a gruesome shot of someone taking a straight razor to Ms. Manson’s eye. In short: it is marvelous!   Watch the goth-glam rockers as they make the sunny California coastline the scariest place on earth: Continue reading Video Review: “Blood for Poppies”- Garbage

Desperate Housewives’ death toll ticks

Death is knocking at the doors of Wisteria Lane in Desperate Housewives‘ eighth and final season. Like the preceding seven seasons, death is a constant theme. In case you forget that neighbors drop like flies, the show Mary Alice Young, a neighbor who committed suicide before season one, reminds you as she narrates the show. Here’s a look at how many characters die each season on Desperate Housewives: The death tally was collected from, which also shows that there were six deaths referenced before the series started and three deaths between seasons four and five during the “five years … Continue reading Desperate Housewives’ death toll ticks