Why aren’t you listening to JJAMZ?

The unfortunately named JJAMZ is an equal opportunity indie-rock-pop group hailing from Los Angeles. The band is comprised of a who’s who of alt music icons, including: Z Berg (formerly of the Like), Alex Greenwald (formerly of Phantom Planet), James Valentine (of Maroon 5), Michael Runion (solo artist), and James Boesel (of Rilo Kiley and the Elected (who knows what the former’s status is these days)). It should come as no surprise that this super group of sorts, we suppose it depends on who you’re asking, made an irresistible debut on the sunny Suicide Pact. But I was surprised, anyway… Check … Continue reading Why aren’t you listening to JJAMZ?

Chavela Vargas Has Died // Chavela Vargas Se Ha Muerto

Mexican singer (by way of Costa Rica) Chavela Vargas died on Sunday at the age of 93. Chavela’s distinctively soulful voice–infinitely rich with such a wonderful rasp–is unparalleled in the Spanish-speaking world and was no doubt informed by her lifestyle. Vargas was famously androgynous, carried on lesbian love affairs (perhaps even with friend, the artist, Frida Kahlo), and sang ranchera songs as they were meant to be sung–refusing to change the pronouns in these songs to satisfy her audience’s heteronormative sensibilities. She became one of those rare icons beloved by both popular culture and counterculture. She will be missed, but her voice … Continue reading Chavela Vargas Has Died // Chavela Vargas Se Ha Muerto

Pedal Party! Charm City Pedal Mill

Looking for an excuse to drink heavily? It doesn’t need to be a special occasion to book a tour to ride the Charm City Pedal Mill, a 16 seat bike that takes you around to several bars in the Fells Point area. The bike comes from the traditional Fietcafes that are seen often in the Netherlands and Germany. For roughly $30 a person, this bike ride is quite the experience. Didn’t hit the gym before hitting the bar? No problem. You’ll get a workout from pedaling this baby over cobblestone to all of your destinations.  In addition, there are no cover fees … Continue reading Pedal Party! Charm City Pedal Mill

Visit Philly for the Chocolate!

Philadelphia offers more than meets the eye. For example, there are old bells and buildings there! There are duck boat tours! Street art! Ladies with cats in strollers!  Chocolate walking tours!  I never thought that I’d pick Philadelphia as a day trip destination but when Max Brenner is available in a city, you just have to go. Next places on my list are NYC, Boston, and Las Vegas. Choosing to be a tourist in your own area can be interesting. Why should you visit Philadelphia? There’s a lot of culture in this city. It’s not all necessarily that interesting if … Continue reading Visit Philly for the Chocolate!


Senior week. Alcohol poisoning. Seagulls. 10th anniversary. Bands, beer & bud. This pretty much sums up last weekend in Asbury Park, New Jersey where the 10th anniversary of Bamboozle took place.  Headliners Incubus, Skrillex, Foo Fighters, and Mac Miller performed on the main stage on Friday.  Saturday headliners included Foo Fighters and My Chemical Romance. Blink 182 was set to headline, but was replaced by MCR when Travis Barker had to go and get a stupid “emergency” tonsillectomy. Just kidding, Trav, we still love you. But My Chemical Romance? Really? Anyways. Sunday headliners included Bon Jovi, Brand New and The Gaslight … Continue reading BAMBOOZLE