Ann Curry Needs a Makeover?

Ann Curry was never a favorite of mine on The Today Show. Just plain and simple. Still, the manner in which NBC let her go was horrible and degrading. She earned her spot on that show by putting in the fifteen years and playing second fiddle to Katie Couric and Meredith Vieira. But, NBC only cares about money (as is obvious with the Olympic Games coverage) and when Good Morning America overtook Today in the ratings, her head ended up on the chopping block. To put the whole show’s declining ratings on only her shoulders is ridiculous. Ann Curry is … Continue reading Ann Curry Needs a Makeover?

Nicki Minaj for American Idol Judge? She won’t get my vote.

It has been reported that there is a possibility that Nicki Minaj will join Mariah Carey and possibly Enrique Iglesias as an American Idol judge. Let’s play a game. It’s called “Who doesn’t belong?” Correctly select the AI judge that does not fit in the panel. A. Steven Tyler B. Randy Jackson C. NICKI MINAJ (Hint, hint) D. Mariah Carey E. Enrique Iglesias If you selected Nicki Minaj, congrats! No prizes available, but you understand the stupidity behind this possible opportunity. Nick Minaj is not an eligible candidate to be an American Idol Host. The female rapper/pop disaster (look, even I … Continue reading Nicki Minaj for American Idol Judge? She won’t get my vote.