Is there a point in buying an iPhone 5?

Is there a point in buying an iPhone 5?  On principle alone, you shouldn’t buy the newest tech toy because it inevitably comes down in price or is replaced by something better very shortly after its appearance in the market. So, is it truly worth it? Pros: The screen is bigger so that means more apps fit on it. It’s faster than the 4S. It has a panorama mode and the camera is better (even though it is still only 8 megapixels). You’ll make your friends jealous. It has all the updates that iOS 6 had, unlike the iPhone 4 … Continue reading Is there a point in buying an iPhone 5?

Download Now: Corpse Craft for iPad

Corpse Craft for iPad ($0.99 currently) is an addictive hit set in an “Edward Gorey-inspired world.” The game combines Collapse with these corpses fighting, set in a Victorian and morbid world where two schoolboys hate each other. By playing the puzzle part of the game, you earn resources to go and fight Ralph and his entourage. It’s a tower defense game with a twist. For anyone who has read the Gashlycrumb Tinies and enjoys dark humour, this game is a welcome distraction from the bright and cheery world of games such as Cut the Rope. The hand-drawn, Gothic feel of this … Continue reading Download Now: Corpse Craft for iPad

Instaglasses concept would give you Instagram vision

Reality isn’t always glamorous. Sometimes scattered papers on a desk or bland vegetables on a plate are nothing more than soul-crushing reminders of a mundane life. But they don’t have to be. Instagram, the explosively popular app Facebook bought for $1 billion proved photos of just about anything with filters applied could be deemed share worthy by more than 50 million users. The app served as inspiration for Instaglasses: sunglassses that would filter from a person’s point of view, not an iPhone. Berlin designer Markus Gerke created concept sunglasses that allow the wearer to shuffle between popular filters on the … Continue reading Instaglasses concept would give you Instagram vision

Add This to Your Netflix Queue

The Tree (2010 film)

The Tree (2010)

“The Tree” is an independent movie, starring Charlotte Gainsbourg (see Melancholia), in which a young girl’s father dies when he crashes into a tree. She believes that he is in the tree and therefore decides to live in the tree, to be close to him. Drama happens when the tree begins to uproot this once stable family.

Watch it if you like Australian movies, you don’t mind Charlotte Gainsbourg acting like she is dead inside (it’s a bit frustrating), and big ants on a big tree don’t frighten you.

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