Must See: “Settle Down”- No Doubt

Interscope Records must be excited about No Doubt’s return. Just the other day we saw the album artwork. Now they’re supersaturating media (all forms) with Gwen Stefani and company’s comeback single “Settle Down.” Did you notice that the video and mp3 dropped on the same day? And hey, did you happen to see that tweet from Lady Gaga? (This one?!) No complaints! Check out the video: Classic. True, “Settle Down” doesn’t stray from the No Doubt signature ska-influenced sound. But it doesn’t need to. As the adage goes: if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. It’s been a while since we’ve had … Continue reading Must See: “Settle Down”- No Doubt

RER Recommends: Calm and Collected

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on Bonnaroo and included a few songs from artists that I was impressed by at the festival. Since then, I feel as if my life has been the complete opposite of a relaxing, meditative vacation in what is essentially a hippie state. Instead, I’ve been running around busy with everything under the sun.  As a result, the music I’ve been listening to is a reflection of the calm pace I’d prefer. Here are a few that have stuck out in my mind. I first heard Keenan O’Meara on the YouTube channel of a roadie for the Avett Brothers. … Continue reading RER Recommends: Calm and Collected

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the Renaissance Man

What’s not to love about Joseph Gordon-Levitt (JGL)? He seemingly does it all. From music, to acting, to writing, to just being the gosh-darned friendly guy you wish you knew in real life. He was in 3rd Rock from the Sun and in Brick, Inception, and (500) Days of Summer. He’s going to be a bike messenger later on in the summer and he’s also in that heavily advertised Batman flick coming out soon. If you missed it, he’s also in that entirely too cute video with Zooey D. He’s earnest and funny without being cocky, which is a feat that … Continue reading Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the Renaissance Man

The Best Ways to Find New Music

Everyone gets bored with what they’re listening to and, inevitably, want to listen to new stuff. Finding the good new stuff can be a trying process, though. Here are a few ways to find new music that doesn’t suck. This site, which is also available on the iPad as an app, shuffles through music blogs that contain mp3s, Soundcloud, and YouTube links, amongst others. You can try all sorts of different genres of music, which is helpful. You can shuffle our site by clicking the link below. You can sign in via Twitter or Facebook. Turntable is a bunch of … Continue reading The Best Ways to Find New Music