California Wives Want To Tell You About Art History

Lots of you are headed back to school so why not hit the books with California Wives?  Art History, their debut album, is one of Rhyme et Reason’s required readings for fall. Replete with sexy songs about youth, love, and Los Angeles, there’s an awful lot to like.   While not altogether unique sounding (see contemporaries The Temper Trap, Nada Surf, Stars) it is still something you ought to pick up. Art History is out tomorrow on Vagrant Records! Continue reading California Wives Want To Tell You About Art History

Have a Taste of Cinnamon Girl!

  “Devil in Me,” the latest single from UK-based (Denmark-raised) Cinnamon Girl, is very, very tempting. It’s an 80s pop dream of a song with loads of synth and chorus that’s catchy as hell. (Pun intended). I read that Cinnamon Girl writes and produces her own stuff, which is always nice to hear. I realize we often don’t like to know people with model good looks are multi-talented…   Check out the heavily color-blocked video:   Oh and it’s available to download for free! I can’t wait to hear more. Continue reading Have a Taste of Cinnamon Girl!

“Trembling Hands (Little Daylight Remix)”- The Temper Trap

  I have to admit it: I haven’t listened to much of The Temper Trap since 2009’s “Sweet Disposition.” (Side note: isn’t that song ah-mah-zing?) I thought they were destined for one-hit-wonderdom so I never got into their stuff. But they wound up with got a string of hits including their latest single “Trembling Hands.”   The Little Daylight remix is making me reevaluate this choice.   Give it a go! Continue reading “Trembling Hands (Little Daylight Remix)”- The Temper Trap

The Amazing Spider-Man is… Amazing

Some people were skeptical of the new Spiderman because it’s only been ten years since the start the last Spidey movies. But I’m telling you right now that Spiderman 2012 puts  Tobey Maguire to shame. Andrew Garfield kicks ass as Peter Parker, plus he’s much better suited to the role; he delivers both as nerdy Parker and sassy Spiderman. The Amazing Spider-Man is filled to the brim with humor, as it should be, and the younger cast makes it all more believable and true to our modern life. With ever so slight changes to the Spiderman mythos (depending on which storyline … Continue reading The Amazing Spider-Man is… Amazing

Whatever I Am, You Made Me… Have Hooker Flashbacks

I was a very happy dork when True Blood opened on Tara experiencing her new vampire abilities, and the way the sky opened up was simply fantastic. Mad props, guys, mad props. Then when Tara was about to attack that girl, you could still hear the change in heartbeats, a detail which I missed the first time. I was kinda pissed that Tara decided she desperately needs a tan and hops in a booth at the “Curl Up and Fry” salon. So now the Hardy Boys–Bill and Eric–are tasked with bringing in Russell Edgington, but not without putting on some … Continue reading Whatever I Am, You Made Me… Have Hooker Flashbacks