Opinion: A Monumental Waste

The following is from an anonymous contributor. Comment with your own opinions.   The headline reads, “Obama Campaign, Democrats Raise $60 Million in May.”  To quote PBS Newshour, “Republican National Committee announced later Thursday morning they raised more than $76.8 million in May. The release said the campaign and RNC have $107 million in the bank.” And people are without jobs, or underemployed, uninsured, essential services are being downsized, but – what the heck – let’s feed the monstrous political machine instead. Nowadays the political campaigning starts two years before the election. We have, in effect, only two parties, we are so entrenched … Continue reading Opinion: A Monumental Waste

Fifty Shades of Great

Unlike the Editor in Chief of Rhyme et Reason, I think Fifty Shades of Grey is not gross (read her post here) , it’s actually quite great. Forget about the strange verbage and repetition of parts and phrases. I’ve yet to hear someone say they thought the book was boring. If it was…read on. I started the trilogy last week, finishing the first book in 15 hours and the second one a day later. Why is it interesting? Because it’s not what most would consider a “normal” sex life. It’s intriguing, and opens up a new realm of bedroom opportunities –regardless … Continue reading Fifty Shades of Great

“Painter of Light,” Thomas Kinkade dies at 54

American Artist Thomas Kinkade passed away Friday evening. An autopsy will soon reveal the cause of death. Kinkade was nicknamed the “Painter of Light,” for his bright paintings, many of which are Disney themed. Most will say he’s no Picasso, but he has created a name for himself in the art industry. Over 1 million Americans own a Kinkade painting. The employees at his gallery in California probably won’t get a lunch break today. Phones are off the hook and customers are standing in line to grab one of his original paintings, some starting at around $150,000. Whether you consider … Continue reading “Painter of Light,” Thomas Kinkade dies at 54

Tracy Morgan won’t bail out his mother (for good reason)

Tracy Morgan is in the headlines once again, most recently for opening a car door into a food delivery cyclist who should have known better than to wear all black and not have any reflectors on. But what really caught my eye is that Morgan has recently refused to send his mother any money after she started facing foreclosure. His sister is trying to use the media to slam Morgan, but there are very real reasons as to why he won’t help, and why he hasn’t spoken to his mother in over a decade. NPR’s Terry Gross did a very … Continue reading Tracy Morgan won’t bail out his mother (for good reason)

POP ETC is Morning Benders. Confused?

The Morning Benders are now POP ETC. They found out in 2010 that “bender” in certain countries means the equivalent of “fag” and they changed their name to reflect the fact that they are not intolerant of gay people in any way, shape or form. I think it’s all for the better, as long as they can keep together. Their sound is the same, so nobody panic! Listen to their new Soundcloud for verification on this. Continue reading POP ETC is Morning Benders. Confused?

Kony 2012 & The White Savior Industrial Complex

 I’m a bit late to the Kony 2012 party and I’m now feeling very uneasy about Invisible Children’s narrow-minded solution to ending child soldiering in Uganda – just arrest Joseph Kony by December!   Much has been written in the past two weeks about Invisible Children’s lack of transparency and video producer Jason Russell’s recent health problems (read Rhyme et Reason’s post on the topic). What I haven’t read about until today is the campaign’s most glaring and problematic aspect – it perfectly illustrates the White Savior Industrial Complex, as brilliantly explained by Teju Cole, a writer for The Atlantic. (Cole … Continue reading Kony 2012 & The White Savior Industrial Complex