Is there a point in buying an iPhone 5?

Is there a point in buying an iPhone 5?  On principle alone, you shouldn’t buy the newest tech toy because it inevitably comes down in price or is replaced by something better very shortly after its appearance in the market. So, is it truly worth it? Pros: The screen is bigger so that means more apps fit on it. It’s faster than the 4S. It has a panorama mode and the camera is better (even though it is still only 8 megapixels). You’ll make your friends jealous. It has all the updates that iOS 6 had, unlike the iPhone 4 … Continue reading Is there a point in buying an iPhone 5?

Akin’s Legitimately Medieval Views of Women

Just when I thought 2012 couldn’t get any worse in the right-wing attacks on women’s bodily autonomy, Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri proves that we haven’t hit rock-bottom of the GOP’s misogyny. How can you top transvaginal ultrasounds and upstage Rush Limbaugh? Easy! Let’s recap what happened on Sunday when Akin “misspoke” and blatantly spread the false, unscientific garbage that: 1. a woman’s uterus has the magical power to shut down a rapist’s sperm so she doesn’t become pregnant; and 2. rape, by Akin’s definition, only exists and is “legitimate” if there’s a penis involved. I laughed and tweeted about … Continue reading Akin’s Legitimately Medieval Views of Women


(Image via Reuters) Three members of Russian punk rock collective Pussy Riot have been sentenced to two years imprisonment for “hooliganism.” They have been on trial since March when they were arrested for protesting Vladimir Putin’s then all but secured return to the Russian presidency in a minute long prayer/song at Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Savior. They implored the Virgin Mary to keep him from coming back. The Orthodox Church claimed their actions were motivated by hatred. The harshness with which Pussy Riot has been treated is particularly concerning given that they chose a religious venue to express their … Continue reading FREE PUSSY RIOT!