bassDrumsnareDrum – “All We Need”

“All We Need” makes me think of that movie “Let the Right One In” – you know, the one about the childlike empress vampire (which they remade in the U.S., although the original is better)? Perhaps it is just the vocalist, Betty Steeles, and the minimal, yet very effective sounds/rhythm that accompanies her voice. In retrospect, it doesn’t sound like the girl at all but it has that feeling to it. Don’t judge me. Like his work on Facebook.   Continue reading bassDrumsnareDrum – “All We Need”

Give Me a Break, Jeremy Renner

(Image via; care of Mary Cybulski/ 2012 Universal Studios) Yes you, Jeremy Renner! The much lauded thespian, star of modern classics like S.W.A.T., Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, and The Hurt Locker, and the Avengers, has gone and criticized the Kardashians. This is no real shock as they are the targets of all sorts of press (good and bad; see Jon Hamm’s comments). Indeed there’s plenty to say about them: they’re exceedingly privileged; self-obsessed; press-hungry; materialistic, etc. Take your pick! But, on closer inspection, these don’t read much differently than anything you might say about a C list celebrity with … Continue reading Give Me a Break, Jeremy Renner

Oliver Stone’s Savages

Savages is another attempt to enlighten the  world about selling drugs in southern California and getting tangled up with Mexican drug lords. Don’t do drugs, kids. It’s not like Savage Grace or The Savages. It’s an Oliver Stone film that motions you to sit down, shut up, and enjoy the first scene in which Taylor Kitsch is having a bit of fun with Blake Lively. Two guys (Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch), who are almost complete opposites, and a girl (Blake Lively) get themselves wrapped up in a cartel problem that is more complicated than it appears on the surface. This is … Continue reading Oliver Stone’s Savages