Why you need to know about No Ni Kuni

This amazing collaboration between Level-5 and Studio Ghibli animation studios (Spirited Away, Arriety, Princess Mononoke) is only getting a fraction of the attention it deserves. No Ni Kuni is heart-touching story about Oliver, whose mother dies after rescuing him from drowning, his stuffed animal turns into a fairy and gives him a book that would grant him powers in the world of No Ni Kuni where he may be able to find his mother.¬†Studio Ghibli–you take the happy with the sad. The gameplay is an interesting take on turn-based strategy, as the characters can summon “imagine” avatars to fight during … Continue reading Why you need to know about No Ni Kuni

Kingdom Hearts Nostalgia Bomb Incoming

One of few things E3 has delighted me with this year a trailer release of the upcoming 3DS Kingdom Hearts game. The series looks like it’s finally coming to a head with this next title, but the real finale is still yet to come with many people waiting for what they hope will be a PS3 release in a few years. But for now, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance will have to sate our appetites. With both recurring and many new faces seen in the trailer, I think this next installment will have a lot of surprises for us … Continue reading Kingdom Hearts Nostalgia Bomb Incoming

Diablo III Can Go To Hell

Diablo III, releasing on May 15th, is Blizzard’s newest installment to their franchise. I’ll tell you right now that this game looks gorgeous, the gameplay has been greatly updated since the titles before it, and that fans will probably love the hell out of it. Everyone else who’s either been a casual player of the series, or hasn’t played any of the Diablo’s should not waste their money on it. Blizzard has done far too little for this game, and it’s been far too long since the last games for anyone who hasn’t gotten into the series yet to care. … Continue reading Diablo III Can Go To Hell

Must-Have Geek Chic Watches

via Sony has already launched their ‘SmartWatch’ which retails at $150. This nerdy fashion accessory works with both iOS (iPhone) and Android phones through Bluetooth, allowing you to receive texts, update your Twitter and Facebook statuses, control music and other functions of your phone all from the convenience of your wrist. The only question, with any Bluetooth device, is how long does the battery last? With a backlit OLED touchscreen with a glass face would make this hell to use in the sunlight. Plus the design of it is so obviously geeky, that it loses appeal to those who want … Continue reading Must-Have Geek Chic Watches

Eastern Shore Fan Con

The Eastern Shore of Maryland was graced with something rather unusual this past weekend – a fan convention for comic book people, art people, anime people, manga people, and general fans of geeky stuff. It was held in Princess Anne, Maryland, and had a little bit of everything. For a n00b like myself, it was a very welcoming environment and an experience that I encourage everyone to have. The event was put together with help from UMES and PLB Comics, the makers of the comic book legend The Fall. There were some pretty cool people there whose art we admired … Continue reading Eastern Shore Fan Con

A Day in the Life of YACHT

YACHT, which came to my attention with their song “Dystopia”, has been featured on Hulu’s series “A Day In The Life”. You can see what their lives are like and how they handle questions about their relationship, their songs, ideology, and mystery lights. YACHT is a Band, Belief System, and Business conducted by Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans. Watch them on Hulu. YACHT¬†(NPR Tiny Desk Concert)   Continue reading A Day in the Life of YACHT