Is there a point in buying an iPhone 5?

Is there a point in buying an iPhone 5?  On principle alone, you shouldn’t buy the newest tech toy because it inevitably comes down in price or is replaced by something better very shortly after its appearance in the market. So, is it truly worth it? Pros: The screen is bigger so that means more apps fit on it. It’s faster than the 4S. It has a panorama mode and the camera is better (even though it is still only 8 megapixels). You’ll make your friends jealous. It has all the updates that iOS 6 had, unlike the iPhone 4 … Continue reading Is there a point in buying an iPhone 5?

The Amazing Spider-Man is… Amazing

Some people were skeptical of the new Spiderman because it’s only been ten years since the start the last Spidey movies. But I’m telling you right now that Spiderman 2012 puts  Tobey Maguire to shame. Andrew Garfield kicks ass as Peter Parker, plus he’s much better suited to the role; he delivers both as nerdy Parker and sassy Spiderman. The Amazing Spider-Man is filled to the brim with humor, as it should be, and the younger cast makes it all more believable and true to our modern life. With ever so slight changes to the Spiderman mythos (depending on which storyline … Continue reading The Amazing Spider-Man is… Amazing

Nerds, Geeks, and Dorks… Which One Are You?

There has always been a distinction between nerds, geeks, and dorks, though it is rather subtle and few can tell the difference. But for the sake of that distinction I write this so you can know which category you or your friends fit in and then you can call them out on it. First we have nerds, they are the smarty-pants of the bunch. The kind of glasses-wearing know-it-alls that are very smart and may or may not be able to keep a lid on just how smart they are. For better or worse, they know more than you. Think … Continue reading Nerds, Geeks, and Dorks… Which One Are You?

ReR Recommends: NRRD ALRRT

Getting this ReR Recommends started with some tracks that have stuck in my head years after I’ve put a game down and moved on, only to pine to have it back in my hands and reliving the experience! The World Ends With You was a bizarre but incredible game. Original gameplay, graphics, and an amazing soundtrack makes this easily one of my favorite games. Sometimes I can still hear the beats of the soundtrack pounding in my head. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance will feature not only some characters, but remixed tracks from TWEWY, which that alone has me … Continue reading ReR Recommends: NRRD ALRRT