Miley Cyrus Debuts Terrible Haircut, We Laugh

(Image via HuffPost) We get it, we g-e-t it. Miley Cyrus–she of chipmunk cheeks, high waisted jeans, and warbling pop hits (such as “Party in the USA”) fame– can’t (read: won’t!) be tamed. I woke to memes of Ms. Cyrus on tumblr with the above (atrocious) platinum pixie cut which makes her look like a cross between Ashlee Simpson and a Care Bear Cousin. What was she thinking? Why do I care? Continue reading Miley Cyrus Debuts Terrible Haircut, We Laugh

London 2012 Olympic Games Come to a Close! (UPDATED)

The Closing Ceremony for the London 2012 Olympic Games is finally airing in the U.S. and we’re told the Spice Girls are a’comin’. Well we see your girl group, UK, and raise you another! Our friend Alexis Morrell and her roommate–both film students at USC–teamed up to make a tribute to Whitney Houston and Team USA. Hilarity ensued. Enjoy!   Here were the aforementioned Spice Girls, just moments after their set which included hits “Wannabe” and “Spice Up Your Life.” Victoria Beckham posted it to Twitter: Did you see the Closing Ceremony? What did you think? Continue reading London 2012 Olympic Games Come to a Close! (UPDATED)

Have a Taste of Cinnamon Girl!

  “Devil in Me,” the latest single from UK-based (Denmark-raised) Cinnamon Girl, is very, very tempting. It’s an 80s pop dream of a song with loads of synth and chorus that’s catchy as hell. (Pun intended). I read that Cinnamon Girl writes and produces her own stuff, which is always nice to hear. I realize we often don’t like to know people with model good looks are multi-talented…   Check out the heavily color-blocked video:   Oh and it’s available to download for free! I can’t wait to hear more. Continue reading Have a Taste of Cinnamon Girl!

Lana Del Rey for Vogue Italia

  Our girl Lana Del Rey is putting that modeling contract of hers to good use gracing the pages of Vogue Italia August 2012. She’s already been featured in Vogue UK and Vogue Nippon (Japan) which means Anna Wintour doesn’t exactly have her finger to the pulse of the zeitgeist as in years past.   Check out some of the retro-inspired looks–more on the Vogue Italia site + a behind the scenes video of the shoot. Be warned: Lana’s all bedroom eyes and bouffants. All photographs by Ellen Von Unwerth.     Purrfect. (Sorry! Had to.)       Doesn’t she look like … Continue reading Lana Del Rey for Vogue Italia