Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the Renaissance Man

What’s not to love about Joseph Gordon-Levitt (JGL)? He seemingly does it all. From music, to acting, to writing, to just being the gosh-darned friendly guy you wish you knew in real life. He was in 3rd Rock from the Sun and in Brick, Inception, and (500) Days of Summer. He’s going to be a bike messenger later on in the summer and he’s also in that heavily advertised Batman flick coming out soon. If you missed it, he’s also in that entirely too cute video with Zooey D. He’s earnest and funny without being cocky, which is a feat that … Continue reading Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the Renaissance Man

We’re in Black and White and Read all over…on the Kindle

Just a quick PSA to let all of you know that you can subscribe to us on your Kindle for 99 cents. This will enable you to read Rhyme et Reason on the go and, if you don’t have 3G it will be available to you offline. Isn’t that delightful? All you have to do is have an Amazon account and a Kindle. Instructions will pop up after you click the Subscribe button. Find it here: RHYME ET REASON ON AMAZON. Continue reading We’re in Black and White and Read all over…on the Kindle

Fifty Shades of Great

Unlike the Editor in Chief of Rhyme et Reason, I think Fifty Shades of Grey is not gross (read her post here) , it’s actually quite great. Forget about the strange verbage and repetition of parts and phrases. I’ve yet to hear someone say they thought the book was boring. If it was…read on. I started the trilogy last week, finishing the first book in 15 hours and the second one a day later. Why is it interesting? Because it’s not what most would consider a “normal” sex life. It’s intriguing, and opens up a new realm of bedroom opportunities –regardless … Continue reading Fifty Shades of Great

Fifty Shades of Gross

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James is compelling drivel that lures you in to the world of BDSM. Google that acronym if you’re not familiar with it. Anastasia is a naive and smart mouthed (to use the phrase of the book) college senior who haphazardly enters sexual situations that she is not emotionally, or physically, ready to handle. The story is a blatant ripoff of Twilight … without the vampires. In fact, James originally wrote this book as fan fiction for the characters of Twilight and then converted it to a book and movie deal that has become rather lucrative. Edward … Continue reading Fifty Shades of Gross

Punk monk compares music culture with Zen Buddhism

Who knew Buddhism was so punk? Ex-bassist of the ’80s hardcore punk band Zero Defex Brad Warner writes of his journey from clueless college student to ordained Buddhist priest in Hardcore Zen: Punk Rock, Monster Movies and the Truth About Reality. Warner explains the basics of Zen Buddhism along the way by drawing parallels to punk music and culture and his fascination with bad Japanese monster films. Some fundamentals of Buddhism and punk are not so different: The last thing Buddha told his followers before he died was this: “Question authority.” Actually, if you look it up, you might see … Continue reading Punk monk compares music culture with Zen Buddhism