Must NOT See: Shahs of Sunset

  Ah, yes, the Shahs of Sunset – those rich, beautiful, young Persian-Americans who fled with their families as refugees from Iran more than 30 years ago to live in golden, luxurious Beverly Hills. And look at them now! All grown up, living the lifestyles of the rich and famous in Tehrangeles, hanging out pool-side with live tigers and throwing birthday parties in Las Vegas. Let’s get acquainted with the cast, shall we? There’s GG, a 29 year-old “Persian Princess,” whose daddy bankrolls her lavish lifestyle; Mike, a Persian-American Jew and high roller in the Las Vegas real estate market … Continue reading Must NOT See: Shahs of Sunset

Must See: “Blue Jeans”- Lana Del Rey

  The video for Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans” is upon us. It’s black and white and beautifully styled.   That it’s mostly shot in water, underwater or made to look like it’s underwater is deeply satisfying to this pisces. (Get it?!) The video’s editors deserve an award for their use of light: the rippling effect is really quite hypnotizing. Take a look:   I really enjoyed watching Lana’s tattooed love interest become a crocodile/alligator. More props to the video’s editors.   Who decided to do that?   Is it a commentary on the predatoriness of heterosexuality, or am I … Continue reading Must See: “Blue Jeans”- Lana Del Rey

Tavi Gevinson for Stylelikeu!

The world’s favorite pint-sized granny-glam feminist fashion blogger (and 2nd favorite online magazine editor–hey don’t forget about us here at RetR) Tavi Gevinson has let the folks at Stylelikeu into her much documented room totalk about her style, what inspires her and her politics.   This fifteen year old is pretty damn insightful.  Not to mention cooler than we’ll ever be… Sigh.       Continue reading Tavi Gevinson for Stylelikeu!

Must Have: Kristin Reiter’s Snow White iPhone Case

“Mirror, mirror…”   Check out the “Snow White” iPhone case! I’m drooling. The endlessly creative Kristin Reiter, one half of my favorite “conversational fashion diary” bleachblack, has launched an online shop for her high-end iPhone cases–>   The description of the “Snow White” reads as follows: The “Snow White” iphone case features a protecting durable metal frame in a chrome coating. Front and back screw secured frame. Front and Back LCD Mirror screen protectors. When phone is shut off, it can double very well as a personal mirror. Tools Provided for assembly.   “Snow White” is going to set … Continue reading Must Have: Kristin Reiter’s Snow White iPhone Case

GCB fails to raise an eyebrow…possibly due to Botox

GCB, which was called Good Christian Bitches and then Good Christian Belles, premiered on ABC a couple weeks ago. If you like feathers, diamonds, blondes, pearls, bad jokes, and fake tans, this is the show for you. The premise involves a Ponzi schemer dying and his secrets being exposed to the world. His wife, Amanda, is forced to return with her children to Dallas, Texas, in order to find a job and reconnect with her past. Enter drama. It may be a farce about the Texan ideal but it fails. This show flies through. There’s hardly a scene without a … Continue reading GCB fails to raise an eyebrow…possibly due to Botox