Give Me a Break, Jeremy Renner

(Image via; care of Mary Cybulski/ 2012 Universal Studios) Yes you, Jeremy Renner! The much lauded thespian, star of modern classics like S.W.A.T., Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, and The Hurt Locker, and the Avengers, has gone and criticized the Kardashians. This is no real shock as they are the targets of all sorts of press (good and bad; see Jon Hamm’s comments). Indeed there’s plenty to say about them: they’re exceedingly privileged; self-obsessed; press-hungry; materialistic, etc. Take your pick! But, on closer inspection, these don’t read much differently than anything you might say about a C list celebrity with … Continue reading Give Me a Break, Jeremy Renner

Why aren’t you listening to JJAMZ?

The unfortunately named JJAMZ is an equal opportunity indie-rock-pop group hailing from Los Angeles. The band is comprised of a who’s who of alt music icons, including: Z Berg (formerly of the Like), Alex Greenwald (formerly of Phantom Planet), James Valentine (of Maroon 5), Michael Runion (solo artist), and James Boesel (of Rilo Kiley and the Elected (who knows what the former’s status is these days)). It should come as no surprise that this super group of sorts, we suppose it depends on who you’re asking, made an irresistible debut on the sunny Suicide Pact. But I was surprised, anyway… Check … Continue reading Why aren’t you listening to JJAMZ?

Electra Heart– Marina and the Diamonds

Rhyme et Reason favorite Marina Diamandis and the Diamonds‘ sophomore album Electra Heart is available in the States after what seemed like forever. I might be exaggerating slightly, but for god’s sake, it was released in the UK in MARCH! And that’s ages in an online era. (Record labels really must stop being surprised with illegal downloading/piracy when they do stupid shit like that.) I am happy to report that Electra Heart was worth the wait. Although, you shouldn’t expect a departure from the sound Diamandis carefully cultivated on her debut, The Family Jewels. That is not to say Marina hasn’t matured. Quite the … Continue reading Electra Heart– Marina and the Diamonds

Miley Cyrus Debuts Terrible Haircut, We Laugh

(Image via HuffPost) We get it, we g-e-t it. Miley Cyrus–she of chipmunk cheeks, high waisted jeans, and warbling pop hits (such as “Party in the USA”) fame– can’t (read: won’t!) be tamed. I woke to memes of Ms. Cyrus on tumblr with the above (atrocious) platinum pixie cut which makes her look like a cross between Ashlee Simpson and a Care Bear Cousin. What was she thinking? Why do I care? Continue reading Miley Cyrus Debuts Terrible Haircut, We Laugh

London 2012 Olympic Games Come to a Close! (UPDATED)

The Closing Ceremony for the London 2012 Olympic Games is finally airing in the U.S. and we’re told the Spice Girls are a’comin’. Well we see your girl group, UK, and raise you another! Our friend Alexis Morrell and her roommate–both film students at USC–teamed up to make a tribute to Whitney Houston and Team USA. Hilarity ensued. Enjoy!   Here were the aforementioned Spice Girls, just moments after their set which included hits “Wannabe” and “Spice Up Your Life.” Victoria Beckham posted it to Twitter: Did you see the Closing Ceremony? What did you think? Continue reading London 2012 Olympic Games Come to a Close! (UPDATED)

Lady Gaga Covers Vogue’s September Issue

    (Image from Lady Gaga in a gown by Marc Jacobs looks an awful lot like Nicki Minaj on her September cover for Vogue. That or a troll doll… This is the 2nd time Gaga has been a Vogue cover story and I much prefer the former. What is this?!   Check out the other photo Gaga leaked on her own social media network/site:   I’m no Anna Wintour, but i think this look would have made for a more striking cover. The hat is by milliner Stephen Jones. Continue reading Lady Gaga Covers Vogue’s September Issue