Have You Seen Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek’s Hair?!

(Image via mtvhive.com; Photography by Rebecca Smeyne) The face you see Caroline Polachek, of Chairlift, making in the above photo is pretty much the same face I made at seeing her hair. Minus the clapping. She debuted this ombré-skunk-striped number at a House of Vans concert.   What the fuck?   I didn’t think the Rhyme et Reason favorite could do wrong until now. I’m shaken, you guys. Shaken.     Continue reading Have You Seen Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek’s Hair?!

Celebrate Shirley Manson’s Birth with “Big Bright World”!

Well, technically, this is a belated birthday post. Shirley Manson, rock icon/lead singer of Garbage, turned 46 yesterday. That’s right. F-o-u-r-t-y–s-i-x. And like a fine wine, Manson has gotten better with age–and in every way. For proof, check her out in the video for “Big Bright World,” Garbage’s latest single from the much acclaimed Not Your Kind of People. It’s good and gothy. Lots of black and white footage, christian iconography and, expectedly, bursts of color. The world is bigger and brighter for me many of us thanks to Shirley Manson so I thought it was only appropriate to do a … Continue reading Celebrate Shirley Manson’s Birth with “Big Bright World”!

Exclusive Interview with Cinnamon Girl + “Devil in Me” Remix!

A few days ago we introduced you to Cinnamon Girl–an emerging pop artist based in the UK. We’ve been full-on head spinning around, pea-soup vomiting possessed by her song “Devil in Me” and needed to know everything there was to know about its creator. Thankfully, she obliged us and agreed to an interview. FYI: She’s from Europe and we’re not changing her spelling. We’re convinced you’ll live. Bonus: scroll down for the Robots with Rayguns remix of “Devil in Me”! Rhyme et Reason: If your music were a color, which would it be?   Cinnamon Girl: It’s impossible to just pick … Continue reading Exclusive Interview with Cinnamon Girl + “Devil in Me” Remix!

Last Night I Watched E!’s “Married to Jonas”

Because I like to hurt myself.   Kevin Jonas (the least popular?–I’m being serious, I don’t know) and his child bride Danielle Jonas’ reality television show “Married to Jonas” is about as horrific as they come. He’s a little too eager and she’s a little touched too shy. That the execs at E! gave them a show is beyond me.   From the looks of the first episode, they live a fairly boring life save for some appearances. Although the rumor is that they got married just so they could have sex (Jonas’ family are devoutly religious and he famously … Continue reading Last Night I Watched E!’s “Married to Jonas”


(Image via Reuters) Three members of Russian punk rock collective Pussy Riot have been sentenced to two years imprisonment for “hooliganism.” They have been on trial since March when they were arrested for protesting Vladimir Putin’s then all but secured return to the Russian presidency in a minute long prayer/song at Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Savior. They implored the Virgin Mary to keep him from coming back. The Orthodox Church claimed their actions were motivated by hatred. The harshness with which Pussy Riot has been treated is particularly concerning given that they chose a religious venue to express their … Continue reading FREE PUSSY RIOT!

Lana Del Rey’s Full H&M Campaign Just Revealed

(Photography by Inez & Vindooh; Images care of H&M) The complete range of images for Lana Del Rey‘s Autumn 2012 campaign for Swedish über retailer H&M have just been released and god are they good!  Naturally the lips are big. But the hair is even bigger–certainly “beauty queen style.” The retro-styled collection is equal parts pretty and polished. Per the trend, floral prints are everywhere even in fall. You’ll see blooms on tops (see above) and bottoms (see below), but they’re done a bit abstractly and feature rich warm colors. H&M was clearly “inspired” by that ubiquitous Acne mint green … Continue reading Lana Del Rey’s Full H&M Campaign Just Revealed