Michelle Obama Delivers at DNC 2012

  Last night everyone’s favorite FLOTUS delivered an incredible speech at the Democratic National Convention. Michelle Obama’s stirring take on the state of the union was filled with lots of touching anecdotes from hers and the president’s past, and never devolved into the kind of pandering which characterized Mrs. or Mr. Romney’s speeches. Admirably, she managed to reflected on her husband’s accomplishments during his tenure to date (and there are many) without bragging (again, although she could). Their vision for the United States is a brave one, befitting its people. We only hope they’ll be around to see it through! … Continue reading Michelle Obama Delivers at DNC 2012

California Wives Want To Tell You About Art History

Lots of you are headed back to school so why not hit the books with California Wives?  Art History, their debut album, is one of Rhyme et Reason’s required readings for fall. Replete with sexy songs about youth, love, and Los Angeles, there’s an awful lot to like.   While not altogether unique sounding (see contemporaries The Temper Trap, Nada Surf, Stars) it is still something you ought to pick up. Art History is out tomorrow on Vagrant Records! Continue reading California Wives Want To Tell You About Art History

Chairlift in Japanese!

  We have none other than Jessie Ware (via facebook) to thank for this gem of a video. And oh what a video. You’ve simply got to see Caroline Polachek’s awful hair in action as she sings “I Belong in Your Arms” in J-a-p-a-n-e-s-e. Pitchfork tells us Polachek co-directed. It’s no “Amanaemonesia” but it’s pretty great.   What do you think? Prefer this version, or the original (in English)? Continue reading Chairlift in Japanese!

Must Listen: “Feed Me Diamonds”- MNDR

  Stop everything you’re doing and listen to “Feed Me Diamonds” by MNDR. No, seriously. Stop rea   ding.     GOD DAMN.   MNDR, I was convinced as soon as I heard “c’mon dismantle me.” Congratulations. This is some Björk (“Desired Constellation”) shit right here but I’m not mad. Not at all. I’m completely enamored by it.   And her interview with Spin in which she described the song pretty much sealed the deal: [“Feed Me Diamonds” is] an homage to Marina Abramovíc. It’s weird to use the word inspire. I wish I could another one. But she’s really important to … Continue reading Must Listen: “Feed Me Diamonds”- MNDR

“Coming Home (Viceroy Remix)”- VISITOR

  We told you about VISITOR‘s EP COMING HOME // RNB a week or so back. So have have you been listening to their sinister synth riffs? (Seriously, it’s like listening to haunted house soundtrack if it were on Mars or something.) We’re into it in a big way, so we’re excited to report “Coming Home” has been remixed a few times over.   The latest, by Viceroy, is available to download for f-r-e-e. What do you think?   Do you like “Coming Home”? If so, be sure to pick up your copy of COMING HOME // RNB on 10 September!   Continue reading “Coming Home (Viceroy Remix)”- VISITOR

“Come Clean” And Admit You Like This Hilary Duff Remix Already

I have a confession to make. I really enjoy Hilary Duff‘s music in a totally unironic way. There’s something deeply satisfying about her unapologetic brand of pop. What she lacked in vocals was more than made up for with heavy production. Anyway, we all know (erhm, maybe you don’t), Hilary has been busy with a baby so this isn’t new material. It’s the Patric Dicaprio involution remix of her song “Come Clean” which is just as well. You may remember it was the theme song to Laguna Beach. Teen Witch brought the remix to my attention. It’s pretty damn good … Continue reading “Come Clean” And Admit You Like This Hilary Duff Remix Already