Really Seeing Adele

I had the wondrous fortune to go with friends to see Adele last month. It was a life changing experience. Not just because we had Max Brenner beforehand.


She’s the most down-to-earth performer I’ve ever seen, which is tremendous to say considering she has an Oscar and doesn’t need to be the way she is. She could be a total mess and people would still pay to see her. What draws people is her humor, and her pain. The pain and sadness overwhelm her subject matter to the point where you wonder if she ever does laugh. Seeing her live, and listening to her tell quick stories, gave the audience a sense of who she is.


She is a private woman but is gracious and, more than that, grateful. This is all hard earned, hard won, and she doesn’t do things lightly. She famously took off time to work on her voice, get surgery, and won’t put up with people filming her while she is performing. We had a nice wide view of the venue and Adele, but I didn’t take many pictures. She was dressed in her sparkly, conservative dress that bounced light off it so that we could tell where she was at any point.

She sang this song exactly as the music video played behind her on a big screen. It was synced up so perfectly and mesmerizing, nobody could look away.

Simply put, everyone walked out with a smile on their faces. It was the performance of a lifetime and I am forever grateful that I was able to join in on this experience.

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