“Either I’m a psychopath in sheep’s clothing or I am you.” – Amanda Knox

Following the success of Making a Murderer and the podcast Serial, true crime has exploded. This year saw the resurgence of the O.J. Simpson trial being a thing and we all evaluated whether the 90s were really as bad/good as we remembered. Hint: they were bad.

So, then we go into Amanda Knox circa 2007, a student from Seattle, Wa., who is studying in Italy and living with a British exchange student. Netflix goes into depth about how things go terribly wrong as Amanda gets kind of infatuated with a guy she barely knows and then her roommate, Meredith Kercher, is murdered.


The Netflix documentary “Amanda Knox” is great. It is well put together, it covers both perspectives, and ultimately it is up to you to believe whether she was involved. In my opinion, she was basically caught in a bad situation and the Italian police did not believe her innocence even when it was obvious that she was not involved.

At only 90 minutes, it’s not going to give you the thrill of trying to figure out if Steven Avery was guilty or not but it will fill a spot in your heart if you like true crime documentaries.

Can’t wait for the JonBenet Ramsey one(s).

Watch it on Netflix here.

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